Jan 20, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is talking about marriage. The author of our devotion told us a silly story about her husband, and I have to tell you, I can perfectly see it because it is exactly something my husband would do. I am always teasing him about how he never grew up and it’s especially strong when his family comes to visit. It seems he puts on the comedian hat until their car is pulling out of the driveway headed home. As one of the youngest of 8 children growing up I imagine his Mom was pretty tired by the time he came along, I wonder if that is why he took on this job for the family? In all seriousness however, laughter is an important thing in marriage. We really need to have those good times to look back on, when we are going through the rough times. It is a part of your bonding as a couple and why you chose one another as your life long partner.
This is something I can truly get on my soapbox and carry on about, for days. Our country does not take the vows that we took in front of God as the massively serious thing that it is. You are swearing before most likely everyone you know and love, to God, that you will be devoted to that person for the rest of your life. Not till they get fat, or bald, not till they become ill. Absolutely through everything good or bad, you swear to God above, that you will be there for this person. Now there are instances when the church acknowledges and accepts divorce, when there has been abuse, or adultry. No we can’t force someone to stay married to us, so at times we have no choice. Maybe we should have known them better before we made that vow to God. Did you attend church with them enough to know if they took a vow made to God as serious business? It is absolutely too easy for couples to call it quits these days. Many get furious at one another and file as a form of punishment to their mate. I’ll show them, I’ll file for divorce. This is not something that should be easy to do. Maybe the officiant who sealed the union should go live with that couple for a week or two and see if there really is any hope for the marriage. What if they were fined if a marriage they officiated were to fail. Maybe they would make sure the couple is truly devoted to one another before the marriage. When we go get our drivers license we have to pass a test, maybe we should require a test before a marriage liscense is granted. Then make it more difficult to get married so people saw it as something more important. An honor to achieve. Sadly all of these are ways to force people to take a vow they made to their creator, as something of major importance. Of course first, they would have to take their relationship with God more serious. This is the real reason that couples don’t make it today. People don’t have a relationship with God, so they don’t honor and respect the vow they made to Him. They don’t obey the Word, where it plainly states to keep the marriage bed pure, for God will judge the adulterer, and the sexually immoral. God will judge, not us, God, the all seeing, all knowing God. How would you go about making people take a marriage vow more serious? Give it some thought today.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress








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