March 7, 2018 Karla’s Blog Today’s devotional is teaching us why bad things happen to good people. We are given these intense lessons in life to teach us faith. Faith that He will be there to take us through whatever we need from Him. Teaching us that it is Him that we need to rely on for every breath, and never to rely only on ourselves. The moment things start going well and we see all these blessings around us, something comes along to remind us that we can’t do it alone. We need to go to God throughout every day, for guidance, wisdom, and a peace that comes only from knowing you have it right with Him.
If you have asked Him to be your savior, that repentance is what you needed to give you assurance that your name is written in that precious Lamb’s book of life. Each of those names are written in the blood that our savior shed, when He chose to die for our sins. He took our punishment, for all that we have done wrong. He lived a sin free life, of perfect love, yet He suffered what was the worst kind of punishment in His days. Your sins have been paid for. You are forgiven, the price for your life has been paid. Our constant reminder of this important lesson, is needed to show us we need Him every day, and every hour. So when you discover something has gone wrong, don’t get angry, just understand God is still actively reaching out to you, so you will see you need to stay in that tight relationships with Him. He has not forgotten you, He wants desperately to have a close relationship with you. He is reaching out to you, will you be there for Him?
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March 6, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us that we should hold on to our hope and our faith through, till our last breath. It should never leave our conscious thought. How ashamed would we be to hear Christ say “How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe!” (Luke 24: 25). We should never loose our faith, even when it appears we have lost hope. Our God created this world we live in, and He has stopped time before, to prove Himself. He could very easily stop time, or reverse it at any moment. We have seen God raise His saints from death, we have seen His Son raise Lazarus from the dead. It is never too late for God. We are so blind in thinking that what we see is all there is. Just as we can see but a tip of an iceberg, our eyes only see a portion of what God is and can do. I’m not sure our mind could comprehend all that He is. We should never put earthly human limitations on our Father God. We have so much more to learn, and I can’t think of a better place to learn them, than sitting at the feet of our Master. I so look forward to those days. It will no longer bring me great pain to just sit. I can dance and praise God with no physical limitations.
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March 5, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us that the roughest part of any journey is right before the victory. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and down cast, smile knowing that your tribulation is near it’s end. We have all heard the old saying it’s always darkest, right before the dawn. It is the nature of the earth turning around in front of the sun. In that same fashion, our hard times, and trials always seem to be at the breaking point, just when the relief we have been seeking comes through. God will never let it get to the point that you can not endure it. He knows you like no other and He is aware of everything you have heaped on your shoulders at every moment. He isn’t punishing you, just preparing your relief to come to you at the perfect time. He hasn’t, nor will He ever forget any of His creations. This is what makes us the very blessed heirs to the Kingdom, with a Father’s love and protection. We can’t be like the prodigal son who wanted what he thought he had coming to him on his own terms. The wisdom of how to handle that inheritance is just as important as the actual inheritance. As without the knowledge, maturity, and wisdom that comes with time, we would all loose every opportunity that we could have come our way, if we are not patient enough to wait on God’s timing. Who could know better when that is, than the creator of it all? We are to Praise God for relief of our needs, as we know they will be met. We are to share the amazing love He has shown us, to others even when they are not deserving. We certainly didn’t deserve His love and grace when we were living in a sinful life, yet it was there. In that same way we must have compassion for those who have not yet found their way to the Lord. For they will, and we will all be equal in His sight. Forgiven for our mistakes, no levels of forgiveness with degrees of knowledge and experience, we are just either forgiven, or not. We must each make our choice. Then be an example of His grace in action. Not judging others who haven’t reached that knowledge yet. For that was us at one point as well. We can’t judge others because we woke up before they did, for we haven’t walked in their shoes. Only God has that right. Let us instead show the amazing love that He has shown us, and let the world see how different we are with Him as our light. I am so very thankful for the opportunity He gave me with forgiveness when I chose to follow Him. I wish that gift for everyone.
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March 4, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us that any pain or suffering we endure while on this earth, it but a way to shape and tune us to God’s perfect vision of what we can be. Only He, knows all that is our future. He knows every time that someone who is enduring something similar, what a relief it will be, to hear from someone who has made it to the other side. Seeing you past it, and enduring, proves that God will help them, and they will be ok when it is done. Every person going through a very rough time reaches out to those they know to see who has endured something similar, for wisdom and perspective. Your history can be of great assistance to many, if you put yourself in a position to share and encourage others. You have to choose to let your painful events, be an example of God’s love and compassion in the world we are living in today. We have many wonderful examples of those who suffered, endured, and came out on the other side as victorious, in the Word. It is a written history of what God has and can still do. The people in the bible were men and women just like us. They fought off temptations just like we do. There are examples of every status in life. The widow with only two pence that she gave to Christ. The rich and powerful men who could choose to follow God, instead of their money. Those with leprosy who were cast out from the regular people, and left to beg. The Sheppard out tending sheep who was chosen to be the next King. Those who were sold into slavery, with no way to defend their honor when accused of a crime. The prodical son who wanted his inheritance now, but blew it all and ended up with nothing. Every event that you can encounter today, there is written testimony in the Word. God has provided us proof that He has never forsaken us. I saw a picture once that said if you have been inflicted in some way, it is because God chose you over others, because He knew you would endure and still bring praise to Him. There are days here on earth while I am suffering in dire pain, that I wish He hadn’t chosen me. But tell me, what greater honor is it, than to be chosen by God. He knows what you can endure and you will never be given more than you can endure. Praise Him for that, thank your God for never letting it get to be more than you can handle. Smile because you were chosen among many.
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Feb 28, 2018 Karla’s Blog Today’s devotional is teaching us to praise God, from wherever we are. Yes, even amidst the terrors of a storm. When your life seems bleak and you feel alone and lost without hope of finding any light. Stop and Praise your God. Whatever trial and tribulation you are enduring right now, is but the beginning of a great story of Victory. We may not see any possible way out, but be assured your escape hatch was put in place long before this trial began. There is nothing that this world can possibly throw at you, that God can not overcome. Don’t get caught up in the moment of your trials and think this is your future, for as a child of God, we are given access to Heaven. There can be nothing more beloved and sought after.
Given a choice of fine things here on earth, or to live below poverty but know your future is secured in Heaven, there could be no greater choice than God. I don’t mean to imply you must live a life below poverty to reach Heaven, just that, Heaven should be our goal. God has so much more than anything this world has to offer. Everything here will go away, but the treasures we build in Heaven are everlasting. I truly believe that we don’t have to earn our way into Heaven, but I do believe He will, reward our good deeds. If you choose to give your money to Godly works instead of selfish desires, He most certainly sees it. Ask yourself before every purchase is it truly necessary for you to live a decent life? Or is it something that will only benefit you? If so, then it is a bad investment. You will do better to invest in your future, where it can never be taken away from you. Keep your eyes on the real prize here, which is an eternity in Heaven with God. Praise Him for whatever trial you are enduring here, for it is how God teaches us vital lessons, so we can be the best version of ourselves. Every bump, bruise, and pothole has a real purpose. Use it as an opportunity to praise our Father, God.
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Feb 27, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us the extreme importance of time alone with God. We all see solitude as something different, depending on your circumstance, and maturity. Yes, I truly believe that it takes maturity to appreciate time alone. Confidence in yourself, so as you don’t need someone else to complete you, or lead you to happiness. Then you can find happiness wherever you are. That is something that many never reach a full understanding of in their entire life. The key is to not focus on what is negative in your life at the moment, but focus on God. Tell yourself over and over till it sinks in, that God has a plan for your life, and it will turn out perfectly.
Time alone with God is as important to our well being as air is to our lungs. It is easy for a person to entertain their brain during times of solitude, due to electronics today. You can control your surroundings by pushing a few buttons on your phone if you want that technology. Then again there are many new devices that simply rely on your voice to give them direction. It is when we choose to invest that time we have alone with God that we see life altering things happen. Our history proves over and over, the great feats that have come about, due to time alone with God. We should all realize the importance of quiet time. Talking to God is such a privilege and honor, that it should be a life goal. He couldn’t make it any easier for us, that’s for sure. Perhaps if it were more difficult, people would see it for the gift that it is. God wants to talk to you. Just chat like you do with your friend. He doesn’t require pomp and circumstance like any earthly royalty. He is happy to hear from us any time of our day, be it when we are sweaty from a long days work, or fresh out of the shower clean. Be it before we eat, sleep, or begin our work day, God is eager to hear from us whenever we speak His name. Give Him the opportunity to speak to you, give voice to your desires. He will never steer us wrong.
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Feb 26, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us what endless amounts we have available to us. Reading this devotional today just gave me the most remarkable smile and joy in my heart. God knew I needed it today and provided it at the perfect time. I had a rough few days where my physical limitations were waying heavy on my mind. Memories of things I used to be able to do were floating through my mind. The burden I put upon my husband weighted heavy on my heart, as it creaps to the forefront when I see how much more sits on his shoulders, due to my disability. Preparing for this move to a smaller home, has been a huge task for him. It is on him alone to repair, paint, and prepare each room, so it is shown in it’s best light to any potential home buyers. That is all on top of physically packing each item we own, and I have been guilty of saving so much that I don’t truly need. So as my guilt took over, for something that I can’t even control, my heart broke for his burden. Then today I read this beautiful message and my heart has hope again. What our God is, is enough for every one of us. We never once, get more on our shoulders than we can endure. He simply would not allow for that to happen. His power can create our world, can form mountains, animals. After creating them all, He made man with His very own hands, His top creation. The strength of His power, insurmountable and promised to us when needed. How can we not rejoice in what we have, when we could never need more than what we already have available to us at any moment. How could we not be thankful and praise our God for His wondrous gifts? We simply need these reminders every now and then to wake us up. Perhaps for example, you start to take the gift that is our toes for granted, you go and stub a toe, or drop something on one, and you will quickly be reminded how much we rely on these tiny digits throughout every day to help us balance our weight, so that we can walk. It often takes these bits of calamity to open our eyes to what we already have, but simply take for granted. God knows what He is doing. His grace is sufficient for us. We could never out give God, as He knows our needs before we are even aware of them. We have been given a blank check signed and ready for us to simply put in the need, and it will be provided. Doesn’t that just make you want to get on your knees and praise Him in thanks? We are so so very blessed.
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Feb 25, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us that we need to claim what God has given us. Actually physically putting their feet on the land, is what was required as Joshua took the promised land. Yet, because they didn’t actually walk all of the land as they were told, they weren’t given all of it. Only what they took the time to walk on and physically claim was what they ended up with. As believers there is much that we are promised, but like the Isrealites we are too lazy to claim what has been given to us. We want to sit in our homes on our thrones called lazy boys and control all that is around us. We determine what government has done wrong on a regional and national level. We complain how others manage our taxes. Yet, we are too lazy to step up to the mantle to change anything. We can’t just say, oh that’s just how it is. We are decendents of a strong and powerful Nation. One that says we are free to practice our religious beliefs. Our ancestors wanted to be able to worship God in their own way. Let not our leaders control our religion as the royal family did in England heading the church. That is why there is separation of church and state, not to keep religion out of any government issues. Satan has twisted what was meant for good and corrupted it, perverted it. Pushing all religious beliefs away from our ruling government. Just one generation ago there was no decision made on any candidate unless we knew their religious views and that they attended church. Now it seems to be taboo to even ask if a candidate believes in Christ. What they choose to believe in their homes and practice tells the people what kind of person they are, and if they have morals that rule their actions. When did it become so taboo to talk about God? I don’t know about you, but I certainly see how things described in Revelations could happen very easily. It’s certainly time to wake up before it’s too late.
Spend some time thinking about God today and where you are with Him.
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Feb 23rd 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about opportunity. Just as David fought Goliath or even the Lion to protect the sheep, these could appear to some as trials in his life. However they were an opportunity for God to show His power, and protection over his chosen King. There are many of us who deal with health issues, or financial problems in our every day life. We have to see this is an opportunity for God to work in our life, and let others see that it was God alone who could have fixed this problem. A miracle from our Father is the only way that our body could be healed. That we were given the things necessary for our life, by gifts that God gave us through those He worked through. Anything that we might see as a detrimental problem and no possible way to fix, in our circumstances, God sees it as an opportunity to show the world He is real and still working in lives today. When things are hard, don’t focus on how ruined your life is, or the freedoms you have lost, force yourself to see it as an opportunity for you to learn about God. If you are unable to work anymore, it is an opportunity for you to find something new that you can do to bring glory to God. We have a clean slate with a fresh start, just as when we found salvation through Christ. This is a turning point, where we stop our old life of sin, and become a new person. Turning away from our old ways of doing wrong and living for what this world has to offer, like money and possessions. Beginning a life where everything you have of importance is in Heaven. Can you really walk away from the physical things this world has to offer? Can you give those things up, because you know God has more than you can imagine waiting for you in Heaven? You are putting down the physical gifts of this world, like Money and power, because you know you can trust God for your eternity. We have an opportunity in front of us and a choice, what will yours be?
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Feb 22, 2018 Karla’s Blog Today’s devotional is teaching us again about believers faith and the true gift it is. We say it quickly from our mouth, but so few of us practice it in action. When is the last time that you thanked God for something you had not seen? I remember a service at my home church, in Memphis where I grew up, and the Pastor spoke on this. I remember him asking each to think of their greatest need, then ask God if He will get you through to the other side. Then he ask us to start praising Him with thanks before we ever see the slightest movement. Truly thanking God for an open petition, and there by showing we know it will be answered, without the slightest doubt. God absolutely will take care of our needs. He knows our heart and has taken the time to individually plan each moment of our life. He knew what was coming, it wasn’t a big surprise to Him. I believe the problem is that we say we have faith, but we aren’t showing it truly with our actions. We all know that actions are how we show what we truly believe. Now having heard this, reevaluate you past hours, did your thoughts show your belief in action? Did you secretly delight when someone who has treated you bad had hard times fall upon them? Did you desire for someone to have to endure the trials you are facing? Did you envy what someone else has? Did you ever think that God has forsaken you, while you suffer through a hardship? Did you deceive others, by causing them to believe something that isn’t true? Yet, with this same sinful human mouth, say why isn’t God giving me what I truly desire? What you need to see, is that what you desire is not the will of God. It will either harm you, or cause you to sin. So often He protects us from ourselves. Praise Him for it. Just as a child would want ice cream every meal, a parent knows it isn’t good for them, and gives them their vegetables. God knows all and is giving us what is best for us. We are so very blessed to have a relationship with our God. How could we ever doubt His Love?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert