Jan 18, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about endurance. When we are presented with large task, it can seem completely overwhelming. We must remember when we are doing work that God has assigned us to do, or even when it is just a job that we take on for ourselves, that we are representatives of God. Once you proclaim your faith in God, you become His employee. Whether you want to be or not 24/7 you are now His. Every mistake you make, is now something that people will think all Christian’s do. You may be their only interaction with Christ, so they think all Christ believers act as you do. This is great when we are doing God’s work and aware of our every step, every word. However the first time you make a mistake, they think all Christian’s do this as well. Your testimony looses it’s flavor if you are just like everyone else. There is a man I know that will not put any religious stickers on his vehicle, because He doesn’t want people to see his driving habits and think bad of all Christians for it. Now to me, I say, then watch how you drive. Silly, but he is aware of his testimony. In truth, most people who don’t like Christians, don’t like that they feel like they can judge others, yet fail themselves, in so many ways. We are to proclaim to the world that we belong to God, but we must also abide by His rules. We must remember His Word says that only He can judge others. It’s not our place. So many who attended church in their younger years, choose to pull away because they feel God didn’t answer a prayer or do for them what they felt entitled too. These are the ones who seem to dislike the church the most. Deep down they know they are commiting sinful behavior, yet they choose not to change it, instead justify their actions in some way. If you know the right thing to do, yet go the opposite, don’t you think that hurts God most? There is no maybe when it comes to belief in Christ. You either are a follower of God’s Word, or you aren’t. You do not get to pick and choose little parts of several religious practices and make your own standard of law. The omnipotent God has given us these laws to live by for a specific reason. You can be respectful of other’s beliefs, and not expect them to live by our rules, but our laws do not change. Many people of this generation question everything. They doubt anyone is truthful so they depend on the almighty Google to give them the answers they seek. God says we are to love nothing else more than we do Him. We believe His word is true, as fact. Yes mankind put all the scriptures together into one book, however do you really think that God would allow what we call His Word, Law, to be corrupted for all of mankind to follow wrongly? This is the same God who formed our planet, He most certainly could change what someone might have thought to leave out, because it stepped on their toes in some way. God gave us the Word and meant for us to have exactly what we have, because He is all powerful. No picking and choosing which verses we choose to follow and which to ignore. It is all His Word and Law. We have to follow the rules, or we answer for our actions. God gave us His Son to suffer for us, instead of each of us. We are forgiven because He paid our way, bought our admission. This does not mean however that you can do whatever you want, because He will wipe the slate clean. When you become a child of God, you agree to change your ways and follow Him. That He is the creator, ruler, and leader of us all. We repent of our sinful behavior, a huge part of that is to change our ways to follow His. We say we will belong to God and will follow Him all the days of our lives. So we must put His ways, laws, directions first. We see that we can’t live a life without Him, and want to belong to Him and His Church. This requires sacrifice on our behalf. We can’t just do what we want, we must follow Him now, and be His hands and feet on this earth.
When a time comes that you can really see where God let you be a part of His plan, it is something that will touch you forever more. You helped God to do a great thing, and you did it because it was right and good. Not so that you will be praised, but so that God gets all of the praise. You won’t be able to help yourself, you will want to tell everyone just how amazing God truly is.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress:






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