Jan 21 ,2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about the importance of suffering through the hard times. I tried again and purchased several daily devotionals to read and see if they were to lead me this year. I had thought a bit of humor would be a refreshing change. Yet I truly missed the ministry to my soul from Streams in the Desert. It is designed to minister to those who are suffering in pain and remind us there is a reason for everything we endure. Yes, I need a bit of humor to lighten my load, but the words from Streams touch my very soul, and show me that I am not alone in this. My pain is temporary till the Eternity of Heaven. Forgive me as I go back to the devotional that inspires me to continue on through this temporary but intense pain that seems to be winning some days, and take away all of my joy. I have to reinforce my knowledge that God chose me for this life, and there is a powerful reason for every moment I suffer.
The devotional today is reminding us of what Paul endured while continuing his mission for God. The scripture reference is of a time when Paul was again leaving a church plant that he started in Asia. He gathered the leaders of the church and spoke to them, reminding them how difficult it would be for them when he left. Their faith and mission would instantly be upon attack. He reminded them of their commitment to God and all of God’s promises to them. They knew God’s word and they needed to be reminded that following it was not always going to be easy, however it was the right thing to do. We can all choose to give up our daily fight against evil at any point, but with it goes our hope for Good and Right. It is the hard road we have chosen to take, but our destination will be all the sweater when we arrive. Our endurance will be rewarded, and the delight of our Lord is the ultimate gift. We must continue to fight the fight for Godly ways, for they are the only right way. The majority of our instruction in the bible comes from Paul while he was imprisoned for spreading the Word of God. We have all these letters of encouragement showing us how to endure the hard times. We all know it is the good and holy thing to do by following our Father’s words. If this world punishes you for it, tell me what greater mission could we have? Life will not be easy, no matter how we serve, but we can rest on the promises and know God does not ignore our troubles, He only says, “Hold on my child, your day is coming” indeed it is fact, and it will be glorious when it does. We have so much to look forward to. We can hold on just a bit longer.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert:






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