Jan 2, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is talking to us about how we refer to God. Most everyone considers Him in a fatherly fashion. He created us and is the father of our race, world, galaxy. Most certainly He has shown us unconditional love, in His actions toward us, even though we delibertly disobey His commands. That is not something that we would do for a stranger, often, not even a sibling. We get angry when they don’t acknowledge what we have done for them. We think it is common decency to appreciate what has been given to us. We are an entitled race that is for sure. We would think someoone nuts if they insisted we all of a sudden give thanks we have fingers to hold objects. We think we are entitled to have fingers and if someone is born without them, then they are strange. We would never think to spend a day thanking God for something we think, we are born with the right to have. However one day with someone who has lost their fingers due to an accident of some nature, you most certainly would see how much better your life is for having use of these amazing digits. We take them for granted. In that same fashion we are so very blessed to have access to our Father, Creator, and Savior. He designed us specifically the way He did for a very important reason. Those who are born without those delightful digits on their hand, were born without them for a very important reason as well. Perhaps so that those who come in contact with them, will pause and just appreciate, that God gave them these amazing gifts. We could not fathom what God’s reason was. Yet those who are born without them find a different way to accomplish what we take for granted hundreds of times every day. God has infinite wisdom and has specific reasons for what He does. As a child born you can’t get to where you know more life than your father who is 20 or more years ahead of you. You may grow to know different things than them, as those are more important to this day and time.
Boy did I get way off topic there. God created this planet and every creature on it. He is the Father of our world and we are blessed that we are not just one of a trillion that he created, but that He actually loves each one of us with unconditional love. As such we think of our childhood when the father figure took care of the family, providing everything that they need. God has certainly given that and more. Yet we tend to think of that father from our childhood with precious memories and sweet names they earned through years of struggle and strife. In that same fashion God has done all of that and so much more for us. No matter what, He is there to catch us when we fall. Love us when we are acting unlovable, and hang in there with us till we get to the other side and realize how blind we were to all we had, all along. I can’t envision ever wanting more than all He has freely given us, with very few rules. They certainly aren’t more than anyone else would have asked. How could we think of God in any other light than that which we save for our Earthly fathers, who have loved us throughout our lives. No matter what we do, loving us in spite of our actions. That is a bond that is truly His gift to us. What did you call your father? I called mine Daddy as much of the south does. When I think of him, I remember how blessed I was to have him love me so much. Then I remember our Daddy in Heaven loves us even more.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Too Blessed to Stress:




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