Jan 3, 2018

Jan 3, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about the pursuit of Holiness from God. To see a christian who truly walks the talk of the bible, is as rare as the peverbial unicorn. In truth it has only been done once in several thousand years. Yet all through the bible, we learn about those who were future residents of Heaven. Thank the Lord that He does not require we be perfect to enter in. It would be a very low population, consisting of God, the Son, Holy spirit and some angels that the bible refers to in the Word. We could certainly never earn that forgiveness, history proves how quickly mankind slips back into sin, every time He pulls us up out of the mess we have found ourselves in. We seem to have trouble being good for ten minutes. We are a fallen bunch, but God has Mercy and grace on hand when He is dealing with us. It would be such a different world if people could stay pure from the moment of salvation forward. However our sinful nature won’t allow it. I wonder how different it might be if people really did think they could earn forgiveness. Would they wait till they were old and gray before they began to repent for bad behavior? That would leave us with wild youth and pious, hard working elderly. We all assume we have more time, but it’s not a given. Any moment could be our last. Babies pass into Heaven every day. If only we could open our eyes and see how much we have been given, see the pain inflicted on Christ to give us that forgiveness. What an amazing world that would be, but then again, that day is coming, when Christ returns for His bride, the church.
Do you spend time thinking about what Heaven will be like? I do, I see a world where people really are good to one another. No one is stabing anyone in the back to get ahead, because God knows our true heart. People will find out what they love to do, and do it happily, for their Father. They say get a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. People all around you constantly looking for ways to boost someone’s self esteem. People sharing what they have with one another. Worshiping God together, helping anyone around them who needs it. I have often thought about these mansion we are promised in Heaven. Who is going to clean them? Who will cook meals in them, wash clothes? Then again if we are only a soul and no dirt made body to carry us around, will we require these things?
I think about happening upon a crowd and it is people who have seen Jesus and wanted to thank Him in person, or listen to whatever he chose to talk about that day. Ask Him questions and finally understand the answers. No more plagues, no more starvation, natural disasters, or neglect, just everyone really happy and working together for God. No more judgement from others, wow, can you imagine? Your true heart and motivation plain to see, because only true hearts will be in Heaven. What a glorious day.
We hear streets of gold and think wealth, yet what could gold get you, that you don’t already have? Golden streets don’t mean anything to me. They are just streets, that we use to walk on. It doesnt matter what made them. We want them for their purpose, a road that allows us to reach our Lord, because He is what matters, not gold.
A pursuit of Heaven is showing you are working toward Heaven. Are you really, is it the peak summit of your life? Are you ready to step away from earthly ties and achievements and start over in a place where only the goodness of your heart, will bring you happiness? A life, once and for all, all about Him. As we were designed for.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress.




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