Jan 1, 2018

Jan 1, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about how truly blessed we are. I did some searching and reading several samples of devotionals to try out and see if they touched my heart, like is this is the one God is going to use to talk to me this year, and teach me a view on our Father. I checked out this author’s first devotional; Too blessed to be stressed with 3 minute devotionals for the busy women. The 3 minute thing wasn’t vital to me as I have time to devote to my bible study when I get up. What did matter to me was finding a devotional that didn’t loose me in regal glory of intense knowledge, in other words, I didn’t want to have to use the dictionary every day when I read my devotional. Some authors feel as if they are so impressed by their own knowledge, so they are too busy trying to find a way to prove it, over finding a way to minister to the heart of the average person. I am not asking for it to be dumbed down, by any means. I just want to be left each day feeling like I connected with my Father for a few minutes of one on one time. Like He used the devotional message that morning to reach me, and teach me something I needed to see in a new light, or just hadn’t taken the time to thoroughly study God’s view on that subject, but now I am. I crave knowledge of my Father, yet I know my own limitations and cant start a year off with a promise to spend a certain number of hours in the word each day, because I would be feeling the need to repent soon when I had a bad day and didn’t reach that goal. I don’t want to set myself up for failure. I want to crave my time with my Father; so it needs to entertain me, as well as teach me. So I have chosen Too blessed to be stressed, Inspirations for every day, by Deborah Coty. I hope you enjoy this new journey with me.
The lesson on this first day is about how seeing the rays of a beautiful sunrise, remind us that God reaches down from His place in Heaven and comes down to where we are. So that He can interact with each of us on a personal level. Where ever we are in our personal walk with God on this earth, God is there. He can reach out to us no matter where we are, and what ever has been going on in our lives. He relates and He is there when we need Him. This amazing unconditional love is the greatest gift any of us will ever receive. No matter what we are dealing with in our lives, He understands. He wants to help us get through these hard times, then when we are on the other side and things are going well again, we know He is still there and never left your side.
I truly appreciate the time that you share with me any day, when you are able. I look forward to the knowledge we will gain, and the experiences that will teach us what He wants us to know. Please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to be stressed, Inspirations for every day, by Deborah Coty.




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