Oct 30, 2017

Oct 30, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about God’s love and Christ’s preparation for you. The Lord does not expect us to love Him like He loves us, for we are incapable. We could spend every minute in prayer and doing good works in His name and you would still not love Him enough for salvation. He loves us enough, and it is so overwhelmingly full and true that, that love is reflected back to Him. Loving God or Christ is not a requirement for us to receive salvation, but once you have that forgiveness and begin to learn more about our Lord, it is impossible not to love Him. Nothing can ever compare to the amazing love that God has for us? To have molded mankind with His bare hands, when every other thing was just created at His thought, shows us that man is special to Him. The only creature that has a soul and God created a lot of different things in our universe. This shows how important mankind is to God, that He would make us in His image. Once we have begun to get to know God and study His Word, we begin to see how amazing He is. All the times through life that He has intervened on our behalf and saved us from our own destruction. Job was tested truly in his love and commitment to God. He truly feared God knowing the power that He possessed, he was asking for a referee so that He could at least argue his belief and actions. God listened to that plea and granted that request in Christ. Someone who was born man, yet a part of God. A mediator who understood both sides. He proved a man can walk the face of this earth and be sinless, totally devoted to God and respecting His commandments. Yet still enduring the punishment that was the worst granted in those days. Not just to be put to death as some do even now, but to have it seen by everyone with the shame. Christ suffered our worst, and yet gave us access to His greatest gift. That is true love. That is the example we are given of what love is. How could anyone have Christ as their Savior and not feel loved? If only the ones in this world who are craving love so much, could only see how much they are loved. No cost, nothing to compare to this fulfilling all encompassing gift of love always there, just waiting for you to open your eyes to see it there. That is how our God loves.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:





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