Oct 31, 2017

Oct 31, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us that we will never be able to reach our full potential of knowledge or strength, until we become full of Him. God fills us with His energy and strength to fulfill every need we will encounter in our time on this earth. We are like a lantern that will hold His light, or a book that holds a portion of His knowledge that we might need to endure our time here. We must only open our heart so that He can fill it. Open our mind and read His Word so we can aquire the knowledge we need to accomplish our fullest potential. God always wants to give you the best there is in any situation but if we don’t read and learn what He has to offer, then we will be cheating ourselves out of the blessings that are set aside for us.
I can’t help but think of it like a fantastic new car, but without a battery and gas, it doesn’t accomplish anything. Our lives need His grace and salvation in order to achieve greatness.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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