Oct 9, 2017

Oct 9, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about when our time comes to go to Heaven. What a truly wondrous day it will be. God has such a thorough plan for our lives that He uses every minute of every day we are on this earth, for a great purpose. I admit to having times in my life since I have been bed bound, that I thought “why is God keeping me here, isn’t my job here done? I am no longer useful but have become a burden to those I love.” Then I saw that God was not done with me yet, I may not physically be able to do the things I used to do, but I am still able to communicate. I study His word and share my devotional every day with all of you. Even if I were unable to do that, I can talk to God. I pray for those in need, for hurting families after a loss, for traveling mercies for those who are traveling, for healing for those in need of His hand. I pray for those I love that are lost to the ways of the Bible. Everyone who has power in our government as the Bible tells me to pray for those who have authority over us. I pray our country would see the error of its way, and bring God back into all decision making over issues. Bring God back into our schools so that children will see His influence.
This whole “politically correct” curse has begun to destroy us all. We can’t worry about not hurting feelings, because we WILL ALL be judged for our eternity and people need to learn rejection, it is a powerful force. There will be no participation trophy for the folks who are decent, they either have accepted Christ as their Savior, or not. You either enter Heaven’s gates to glory, or you suffer for all eternity in pain and suffering.
Only God knows the time and place for my end on this earth. Until my time has run out, I want to pray for one more chance to hold my lost child in my arms and tell her I am so very sorry, if any action of mine has caused her pain. I want to meet those two grandsons and love on them, I want to hug Autumn again and tell her again how much Grandma loves her. I know God has a plan for that reunion, and I ache for it every day. I never doubt it will come, just if He will answer that prayer while I am still on this earth. We never know what God has planned for our tomorrow, but we can always count in it being the best thing possible. God looks at all sides and not just our hearts desire. We can’t give God our past, but we can give Him our future. Allow Him to use you to help others. I can’t even explain the wonderful feeling, that comes from being the hands and feet for our Lord. It is so much more than any monitary gift for your time, but an enlightenment of being a part of God’s will.
We will never know ahead, when our time on earth is done, we just have to use every minute we have here on Earth, to work for our Lord. It is certainly better than looking back in shame at missed opportunities.  Thank you so much for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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