Oct 8, 2017

Oct 8, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching that we don’t have to ask for the Holy spirit to come and deliver us. He is already here amongst us. We are given details of his arrival, and He has never left us. Christ told us that He would be coming and explained the purpose. Can you imagine what they might have thought of someone who all of a sudden speaking other languages? They might have thought them far gone. Christ tells us that He is sending One to be with us, and carry us through our days. He knew we could not fight the constant evil in our world even then, without a Godly influence in our lives. Although the Holy spirit is not seen, the presence is felt and needed. Christ being born a man and living on this earth knew that we could not resist temptation without assistance. Satan can become anything that we have seen of God. He can be your favorite band if you let your devotion to them mean more than your relationship with God. Anything that seems innocent in itself can be used for evil if we allow our mind to go there. Video games are fun, but some people are so addicted to them that they consume unhealthy amounts of time spent devoted only to them. The Holy Spirit is among us to be that continual part of God still on this earth. We are to make time for our education on Godly things and study how Christ acted while on this earth, and what He told us to do, while we await His return. Yes, to us it does seem like forever. Many lifetimes in our time, but only a moment for Him while He gets things ready for us. I have no doubt that Christ has heard the prayers of many Christian mother’s who asked for Him to wait till their child woke up and came back to the roots of their heart and home, in God. He too wants everyone to have a chance at an Eternity in Heaven. Sadly there will come His time and those who have not awakened to His power will be lost. They too will have an Eternity,  but it will not be one of happy times and visits to sit at the feet of the saints and hear them speak of their time on this earth. Those parents will be heartbroken they were not able to reach their children in time.
It does seem as if so many think their youth is all about having fun, being selfish, and living blindly to the results of their behavior. So many say, and even more think, they can do whatever they like now, and then when they get old and feeble and they can’t enjoy life as they once did, that then they will come to know the Lord and ask for forgiveness of their sins. Being old doesn’t make it hard not to sin. You may be unable to do some of the things you might have done in your younger years, but there are always still plenty of ways to sin. Where our mind wanders, there too is our heart. God never said that once you accept Christ as your savior, you will live sin free, only that if you spend your time truly trying to immulate His actions, will you remain sin free. Striving to be Christ like is a very difficult job, and only out of much sacrifice can we begin to touch that walk. We all have our assigned priorities from God, the plan that He has put together for every life on this earth.  We have to fight our own sinful nature daily in order to stay on track. Never once doubt that His plan is worth every second of sacrifice we give. He alone  knows all the true desires of our heart, and is able to give you what you need. You will never know true happiness until you get that relationship with God. This is why so many very wealthy people are miserable deep inside. True happiness can come to those who are poor as church mice, as they know true happiness doesn’t come from money, but from God. Thanks so much for sharing part of your Sunday with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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