Sept 19, 2017

Sept 19, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about death of the evil in our life, before we can get in the line to start receiving blessings from His hand. Mankind has always wanted the best of both worlds. Absolutely God will not have it. He says we are to tear down all the evil alters in our life, rid any evidence of it from your life. Then build your alters unto Him. He will not except your prayers and messages of love or any faithful work till you have made your choice. Then showing you belong to Him, even the smallest things we do in His name are cherished. There must be courage and sacrifice of worldly goods before we can attain his gifts and protection. That doesn’t mean that God will not however have mercy on sinners from time to time, but we are not permitted to claim the promises of the Bible until we have removed the sin from our lives. Absolutely your life should be different when you except Christ as your Savior, people should be able to tell you are different by your acts and deeds. Leaving the lifestyle we had before Christ came into our heart is mandatory. It is hard at times to change all of a sudden. You will have to choose carefully who you let into your life when you are a babe in the world of Christ. You may not know enough about the Bible and can be given false information and be led astray. This is why it is so important to read the word so that we know exactly what He tells us to do. We must read for ourselves and not hear a verse or two a week and then a sermon speaking about how someone else translated it. Yes when you have knowledge under your belt you should not isolate yourself from the world but go into it and witness of what He has changed in your life. Satan will tempt those who do not have a wealth of knowledge, by putting those in their path who will twist the words around and pervert His true purpose.
It is so absolutely important that we do not let things of this earth, lead our lives. We know what is right and what is wrong, and if we choose to justify our wrong doings with words of the Bible, we are on dangerous grounds. We must absolutely forgive others for the wrongs they have committed, if not how can we expect God to forgive us. It is hard when you forgive and the evil behavior of others continues on in the same way. Still you are told to forgive. We must do what is right, no matter what others do. We can’t worry if others choose to live a sinful life and prosper, we still must obey. Our admittance to Heaven will be our reward and there is not any justification for sins when we are on our knees being judged. He knows all and He will judge accordingly.  He will bless those in Heaven who are overlooked on this earth by sinful ways. That treasure will last forever. Truly our Father knows all and He has a plan. We must just let go of things of this world and then gain our knowledge so we know His Word and can’t be misled by others. Then with His word in control of our actions, we shall lead a life that will bless us endlessly when it really matters on earth, and for all of eternity when our time on earth is done. I so look forward to that time. I am so hungry for real love from our Father.
Thanks so much for sharing this time with me today and I hope you will enjoy this amazing devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:Screenshot_20170919-131211.png


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