Sept 18, 2017

Sept 18, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about our inheritance yet to come. The greatest things on this earth that we could ever imagine are nothing compared to the greatness of knowing our God. The little pittance of things that this earthly world has to offer are but crumbs from the table with our Father. Earthly family can disappoint because they make promises that they either can’t or never even attempt to honor,  but our relationship with God is real and His every promise is real. He grants our wishes and supplies our needs here when they don’t go against the plan that He has for us. We just must remember that He has a most remarkable plan for our lives, knowing all the past present and future, so our faith in Him will be rewarded. We can’t let ourselves settle for the goods of this earth when we are in line to inherit our admittance to Heaven. There will always be people who lie, cheat, and manipulate things of this world to get ahead but they will have to answer to God for their behavior. You will answer for yours. So you must live the best life you are capable of here on earth. God sees our actions and He knows our hearts.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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