Sept 11, 2017

Sept 11, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about why we are still waiting for Christ to return. Countless times in my life, I have wondered why the Lord has not yet returned for His bride, the church. Now I get a better understanding that He has not yet returned as He is waiting on that last soul to be saved before He returns. God wants as many souls saved in Heaven from the horrid fate of the lost. That reminds us what a loving Father, He is. We are so very blessed to be among the chosen who will have an eternity in Heaven with our Father God.
I have mentioned before that because of my health,  I have to seek out my sermons, and connection with Christians  to fellowship with. Many of these people who brighten my day, and pull me up when I am down, I will never be able to meet on this earth. I so look forward to that aspect of Heaven as well. To be surrounded by people who love God the Father the way I do, what a glorious day that will be. One of the places I get a bible study from, was talking yesterday about that old hymn “When we all get to Heaven”. How truly inspiring to be able to be with all our loved ones past and present and all just praise God together. I envision these wonderful hours of being able to listen to the saints tell us stories. I look forward to no more pain, and the ability to serve physically again when I am needed. I do however understand why God would want to wait until every person that is possible, has been reached with the Word, and been given the chance to choose Eternity with Him.
We are so truly blessed. It was 16yrs ago when we all thought our world would be coming to an end very soon, when America was attacked and the towers came down in NY. It was not time yet and many have been reached in these 16 years. We can’t ever doubt that our Father is not doing what is absolutely the best thing for us. He has more than proven His devotion.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:




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