Sept 10, 2017

Sept 10, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about resilience. No where in the bible does it say that when we give our hearts to Christ that we are on easy street. What He does give us is His strength to continue on with the fight till the very end and He comes home to get us. When we have a close relationship with God we know it just as the woman who believed if she could just touch the hem of His garment she would be healed. She had that much faith and they both felt the power leave and go into the woman and heal her. That feeling of your connection with Christ should be so real and important in our daily life that we feel His power around us and in our lives. I know that I personally deal with pain on a daily basis, yet I know that God is with me. My relationship with Him has grown immensely and therefore I see the reason for what my body endures. Now if they found a cure tomorrow and I no longer had any pain, would I still have this strong connection with God if my days were filled with worldly interaction? I fear it would not. By being here confined to this bed, God is able to use my abilities to help others, or support and pray for those who really need a prayer warrior. I may be disabled in the world’s eye, but my usefulness on God’s great commission is far from done. I can be of more use to my Father here than anywhere in this world. For that reason, I can not fail. I can’t feel sorry for myself for the solitude that I feel, but instead see it as an opportunity to better serve. God has given us each a wonderful opportunity and we just have to choose to except His gift. His gift is like none other as it continues to grow. There is no end, no empty container, just constant overflowing love and grace to every heart that claims Him.
Thanks so much for sharing this part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious:




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