Aug 29, 2017

Aug 29, 2017 Karla’s Blog
I was happy to be able to share my devotional with James today. He is off today because he has to work the weekend. It is always really special to be able to share it with someone who is here with me.
The message today is about how God dwells inside our heart, letting us physically be a part of His kingdom. Christ said that humans will not say, here comes Heaven, because it isn’t something that can be seen. It is a state of happiness when God the Father, Christ the son, and the Holy spirit all come together and reside in our heart. We could be nothing less than gloriously happy, and perfectly content. I remember well the first time that I felt God in my heart. I grew up hearing Bible stories and then one day, I just had this overwhelming desire to go to the alter and confess my sins. I wanted to follow Christ and share love with everyone around me. I have always had a servants heart, and the idea of doing something for God was so ultimately thrilling. I get the most amazing feeling when I am able to do something that brings Him glory and praise. I want to be the tool that He chooses to pick up, when He starts a new task. To me that is just the ultimate compliment.
There are many hearts in our world that are lost. There are so many people who are in true need for just a hand up. I’m not talking about those who lie and cheat the government to get assistance. They will have to answer for their actions one day. They are stealing from the poor and genuine needy people in their own community. When you do something with no desire for attention or reaction, but just feel God led you to help someone because you can, that is when you feel the joy of the Lord. Even those who are poor, or disabled, can do something to help another. What is keeping those of us who are able bodies from doing something for no glory of their own? Have we all just become deaf to the sound of our own consciousness? We don’t want to feel guilty when we do something we know is wrong, so we just keep going and ignore it, then after a while we just can’t hear that voice when it talks to us anymore. The problem with that is if you are deaf to the sound of your conscious,  then you won’t be able to hear when God is trying to warn you of some impending danger ahead. He could be trying His best to protect you from a disaster but as you can’t hear that voice inside your mind talking to you, you can’t hear the warning. Then when disaster strikes, we blame God. We can’t put God on a shelf like a Bible, and pull it down, dust it off when we decide we want to play at being a Christian again. I don’t think a true Christian can only touch their bible on Sunday mornings. If you have a good relationship with God,  you would want to have more interaction with God than just Sunday. How can you have a heart that wants to follow God, but not learn how Christ reacted to similar situations on earth? We have several accounts of Christ’s days on earth for us to learn from, and truly even though our world is very different than when Christ walked this earth, we can still see how He interacted with others around Him. Some things don’t change. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to talk to our Father, or His Son any time we need to and we have the assurance He will listen. We may not hear what we want to hear always, but God does hear us always.
I truly hope that today’s message will help you to crave a relationship that is close and full of interaction with God. If you have been shutting out the voice in your head that says; behave as Christ would, I pray that you will go back and turn it on. Then you can form the foundation for the best relationship you could ever want. The returns are out of this world. Thanks for sharing part of your day with me. I truly hope you will enjoy this amazing devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:Screenshot_20170829-122506.png


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