Aug 28, 2017

Aug 28, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about blind faith. We never know where God is sending us, nor do we know exactly what we will be doing there, when we are sent on His mission. We see only our next step and not the outcome. As if it is pitch dark and you hold a flashlight, you can’t see far off, just a step at a time and that is why it is such a huge show of faith. Resting on what we believe and not what we can see with our eyes.
As our daughter was getting ready to move her family to MO for her new job, we searched for homes on Zillow. Then we scoured Google maps images of the area around the home they were moving into. It was still hard to let our grown daughter who is married with children, go into the unknown. She would have  no support system, she knew only the Dean of the college she was going to work for. Now, it’s not as if I could have said no, you can’t move. To be honest, I think I did tell her that, but she knew I was only teasing. She has incredible faith in God. The way things were falling into place so perfectly, she knew this was where God wanted her. She had prayed before excepting the offer, but this was just added assurance, He provided her. She has been on mission trips all over the world, doing work for God, and has the ability to step into the unknown with a pure faith in God.
I have done all my work for The Lord close to home. I will say that it can be harder to do mission work at home however because they may know you and remember the sins of your past. We are not a race of support, not at all, we are the ones who break everyone down and point out their faults. We want forgiveness, but are seldom able to give it completely.
God has set perfect examples for us to follow. All of mankind insisted it was not possible for a man not to sin in our world, so God sent His only Child to be born here and live just as all other men, yet Christ did not give into the desire for sin. Proving it is possible. I realize our world is different than the one where Christ walked. Our God, is not. He still forgives us when we make mistakes. Part of our acceptance of Christ as our Savior is repentance, turning away from sin and striving to be like Christ. We are to follow the commandments set forth in the Bible. We are so very blessed to have this gift of forgiveness. His grace and mercy are beyond what we could ever earn. Our faith in God and His word is what should always be the lighthouse to anyone around us. Letting our love for God show the way for others. Faith is knowing what God says is real and trusting it completely. So if He tells us to go on a mission, we can trust Him to keep us safe. We need only take one confident step at a time. He will show you the next step when you are ready to take it. You don’t have to know everything He will have you do, just do it because your faith in God proves you trust in Him completely. Who better to direct our steps, than the Creator of man. We truly are blessed above what our minds can even imagine.
This seems a great place to leave it today. I hope you enjoy this message and feel touched. Please enjoy today’s devotional message from His Victorious Indwelling:

Screenshot_20170828-104444.png Screenshot_20170828-104452.png

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