Aug 30, 2017

Aug 30, 2017 Karla’s Blog
I want to start today by wishing my precious granddaughter Autumn Fricks a very HAPPY birthday. I would just give about anything to just have her in my life again. This is a huge warning to all the other grandparents out there. Never over step your bounds in directing your kids lives. They have to make their own choices. We just get to love them as much as we can. Ok now on to Godly things.
Today’s devotional is stressing that we are to follow the steps directed by God, and not let human excitement take over. When we feel it coming in, we should take a pause and get quiet with God and ask him to direct your words and deeds so that they bring him glory.  Not to get all excited and ramble on, but instead we are to say less, and then what we say is so much more poinient. If we are focusing on the Lord, and doing things only to bring Him honor, then we give Him the glory for every step we take.
Boy is this one that I should spend more time working on. Although these words are quoted from a Godly source, it is but a man’s interpretation of the Scripture in John 8:28. I have done many things for the Lord in my life and to bring no honor for myself, but I was excited to be doing the work for my father God. I understand the wisdom in the words to not get so excited that we ramble on, or possibly start to gossip when telling a prayer request. Staying soul focused on God and His mission. Letting the only words come out of your mouth, have the purpose to do His will and leaving nothing of the sinful human that we were born, to still come through. I know two people who follow this thinking and I have always admired them and it is so true that when they say something, I am more apt to really listen to their words. Perhaps I should pray that God would take away my ability to talk, then I could go back and proof what I have typed before I push send. I do often really look at what I have typed and edit my own words. I so wish that I had that ability with what comes out of my mouth. I just said a prayer asking God to help me to not overstep my bounds, and just show support to those who might need it. Personally I just learned that my step Mom is in real bad shape and she might not be on this earth much longer. I ache at the thought of losing her wisdom and place in my life, but I truly can’t stand the idea of her hurting. I said a simple prayer that God would help me to be what I need to be. I know He has the ability to heal her,  but I also know He has a plan. He is the creator and director of our entire lives and He knows what is best for us always. It is indeed so hard to let go of someone you love, we have to remember that this time on earth is limited and just a moment in time compared to all of eternity. He is the one consistent thing and our life and our being should truly be in service to Him. His plan to not harm you His plan to give us hope and a future Jer 29:11 He truly will do what is best and let us keep that foremost in our mind.
Thank you truly for sharing this time with me today. I hope you will enjoy this amazing devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:Screenshot_20170830-130505.png


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