Aug 2, 2017

Aug 2, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Hearing God speak to us: isn’t this something that we all want to feel? However when we think that God is telling us something, we should treasure it, but hold on to it and see if the circumstance arises so that we have the opportunity to follow through with it. Then follow his direction but with caution because Satan loves to confuse us. If a person didn’t have a close relationship with God and all of a sudden you think God is telling you to do something, it could easily be Satan trying to trick you. This will cause you to question anything else you hear from God, and would make you leary if you had followed through before, only to find out that things did not work, because it was Satan trying to undermine a new believer. Nothing pleases Satan more than to make you hesitate when it comes to God. When you are in a close relationship with God you learn over time how God speaks to you, then when you respond doors slide open and He will clear the way for you to do the mission, He has given you. You will be bringing praise to His name and mission. Tell everyone who will listen, because in this day and time, people need to hear that God is still very much involved in our daily lives and He does care. People need to hear that God is not something of old times, but very much alive and working diligently on His plans to bring about happiness for those who follow His commands, and spread His word. God is as much of this time as He was when Christ walked the earth. He is still valid and important and changing things to bring about His will. He will never go out of style, because He created everything around us, as well as our minds, so He should always be an active part of your daily life.
Who better to have a relationship with than the one true power on earth. The everlasting, and forever more, because He is the future, for without Him there would be none. Keep your eyes open and look for messages from Him. The relationship you develop with the Trinity, is the only thing that will be with you forever more. Three equal parts working together to bring about true happiness for His people. The only power that never leaves us alone, but is always there to comfort and lead you to your place in Heaven, so you can be happy forever more.
I look forward to the day when the wicked no longer rule, when doing the wrong thing, will no longer bring you fame, or success.  Money is not power and evil no longer rules. God will rule with Christ at His right hand and they will show us all a true happiness like we have never known before.
Thanks for sharing this time with me today. We have reached Aug and the season will come alive with bright colors before our eyes. Time with family and friends will grow in its importance.  Please take a few moments and enjoy today’s devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:

I know, O LORD, that a man’s life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps. JEREMIAH 10:23 The other day a woman called with a question on hearing God speak. She said, “How do I know when I have God’s guidance and when I’ve heard Him speak? Not long ago, I was sure He’d spoken to me, and when I did what He told me, it didn’t work out.” Questioning her a little, I found that she’d told the other party emphatically that God had sent her to do thus-and-so, and the other party couldn’t see that God was in it at all. What was wrong? My own experience has taught me that I should keep God’s counsel reverently in my heart before I tell someone else. Keep it, and think about it, compare it with what I know to be true of His character, and hold it there with an obedient attentive heart ready to move. If the door of circumstances opens, I move, quietly with sensitive steps, and follow the directions God seems to have given to me. Two things can happen: the door can close in my face, and I’ll know I got the directions wrong. Or the door can open wide, and I’ll know I got the directions right. In either case, I’ll learn a great deal. In the latter instance, I’ll be ready to share what happened with the person God chooses (His choice, not necessarily mine). It is often the wisest thing to hold our sharing until God has backed up our action. After all, a true testimony is a simple recounting of what the Lord Himself is like, how He has led, what He has done for us in a given set of circumstances. The entire matter of hearing God’s voice can be greatly simplified if we remember that the Kingdom is within and the King is in His Kingdom. The Spirit of the Lord dwells within. Within the real me, within the real you dwells the Presence of God. “Not I, but Christ lives in me,” wrote Paul, recognizing this inner Presence in his own being. We never have to go out looking for Him; He’s never away from us, always near to us. God is never preoccupied, always attentive and aware. If you are responding to Jesus Christ, you are a Christian. You are a fulfilled, creative Christian if your response includes the fact that His is an indwelling Presence—our Lord with us and in us in every large and small happening of our daily lives. ROSALIND RINKER
If day by day we first seek divine direction, and then follow it, we shall be ready when new circumstances arise, for the new blessings which will be offered. Today should be preparation for tomorrow. The only proof that we shall be equal to tomorrow’s test is that we are meeting today’s test believingly and courageously. The only evidence that we shall be willing for God’s will tomorrow is that we are subject to His will today.
W. G. S.

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