Aug 3, 2017

Aug 3, 2017 Karla’s Blog
The devotional today is describing what Salvation really means as a gift to us. We could certainly never earn it, but oh what an amazing gift it is. When you really think about it, it is our greatest gift,  even more so than Him giving us life, as that was a gift to our parents. This isn’t just any gift, like a box wrapped on Christmas morning, this gift is all encompassing, and has many layers that come with it. He is granting us forgiveness, mercy, grace, an opportunity to enter into His perfect world where there will no longer be any sin to tempt us, just pure love. We will have the privilege of being able to worship God in person whenever we want. To ask those questions that have baffled us for years and find out how simple the answer was. We will learn why the days that we thought of as our darkest, were the days that we reached out and were much closer to God, than on the days of our great triumphs.
What does Heaven look like to you? Have you spent time imaging it, letting your mind wander over the idea of listening to the saints speak about life on their time on earth. How fascinating it would be to hear all the things they did to survive that we have no clue about today. I would love to talk to Mary and see what her life was like while her son was touring the countryside and she feared for His safety, yet at the same time to know that the Child she gave birth too, was the one and only child of God. How she must have felt to be chosen for that honor. I’m sure she dealt with those who thought she had sinned and conceived a child before she was married. She knew the precious gift that God bestowed upon her, was beyond anything she could imagine. Yet she wouldn’t have known that her precious child would have to suffer the way that He did when He had never committed a sin in His life. Can you imagine what it would be like to raise a perfect child? That itself is a miracle.
So many men had said to their priest that no man can be sinless. As they went about their lives, but God wanted all of mankind to know that it was, truly possible. That the one man who could remain without temptation, had to suffer, what was then thought of as the most humiliating and miserable of punishments for the worst of the worst sinful behavior.
What would you do if that were your child? She knew the power of God. She was chosen above all other women for her devotion to the teachings. You know she had to be praying and begging God to come down off His throne and save her child. She had been a good woman and I am sure it hurt that her request was not acted upon. Even knowing that your child’s death would change life forever more, it would be miserable to see that perfect child having to suffer. We struggle watching our kids reap the percussion of a warranted punishment.
The Salvation that God has given us is a very precious gift, but it was bought and paid for with the blood of the living Son of God. There is no higher price to pay. Really think about what price you would pay for Salvation if you were given the chance.
Thanks for sharing your time with me today, I truly hope when you finish this devotional reading from His Victorious Indwelling that you will feel moved by this message as I was.

The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. 1 JOHN 1:7, KJV What is included in the salvation which the grace of God brings? The answer is, Everything. Salvation is a precious basket containing all I want for time and eternity. It includes salvation from the future consequences of sin, and from its present power. To be a divinely-saved person—a person saved by the grace of God, saved by the blood of Christ, as every believer is, involves entire deliverance from wrath, from hell, from Satan, from every thing that could possibly be against me. A man whom God hath saved is surely safe from all. There is nothing doubtful about God’s salvation; it is all settled. There is no delay; it is all finished. We have neither to wait for it nor to add to it, but to receive it now, and enjoy it forever. The mighty tide of grace rolls down from the very throne of God, and bears upon its bosom a full salvation—salvation for me. I receive it as a free gift; I bow my head and worship, and go on my way rejoicing. C. H. MACKINTOSH
Our Father delights in having us with Himself. Love, yearns to satisfy itself about me. It is not only that I can go in, but a much greater thing—my Father, in all His majesty and glory, can come out! J. B. STONEY

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