Aug 1, 2017

Aug 1, 2017 Karla’s Blog This is a great message for a Monday morning, and it’s the first of the month. Great inspiration.  When Solomon wrote song of songs he was so amazingly full of love for God. He wanted us to know that anyone who loves Him, wants to love Him more. Then when we reach heaven, we will be able to see God for all that He is and all that He does, and you couldn’t help but to love Him more. Have you ever really taken the time to imagine what it will be like in Heaven? All secrets will be revealed, all mask removed, and all questions will be answered.  We will be surrounded with like minded people who love God and want to worship Him. No evil to tempt mankind and no evil to appear. An opportunity to sit and listen at the feet of our ALMIGHTY GOD. To just thank Him for all the intervention in our lives, for the constant love that gives us grace and mercy. The direction He gave us to point us toward the best things in our lives and bring us the most happiness. I so look forward to that day.
Just the thought of no more evil around to destroy our happiness or lead those we love away from family and a close relationship with God.  Never having to fear being stabbed in the back by someone we thought we could trust. Robbed by strangers or acquaintances who think they need your personal items to give them a fleeting moment of bliss. No more pain, I can’t tell you how much I personally look forward to those days. The great Healer will resolve all your health issues. I know there are many out there who have hurt for more years than I, what excitement that will cause to not me limited by the restraints of this human body that fails me now, as well as everyone else. Even those who may not have health problems, these bodies age and grow older every day and are opt to fail us at any time, so that will no longer be an issue. A perfect world, can you see it? All the plans that our Father has had since creation will be coming to pass, building a perfect world. I wonder if we will have the thought of those who aren’t there. Amidst all our joy and happiness will we realize who might not have made It? Who do we love, that is not here in this amazing place, to enjoy this perfect life? What could we have tried different to reach them? What would have worked? Would one more opportunity of telling them about the amazing Grace of the living God, have made a difference? Could we have saved them from an eternity of pain and misery? What would that be worth to you? Do you love your child the way our Father has loved us? Constant forgiveness and a fresh start? Can you truly be happy if your loved ones are suffering? Shouldn’t we try to find a new way to reach them? Pray about this today and see what God tells you. I do hope you will enjoy this amazing devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:

Yea, he is altogether lovely. SONG OF SONGS 5:16, KJV Whom should we love, if not him who first loved us, and gave himself for us? If the bliss of angels and glorified souls, consists greatly in seeing, and praising the Son of God; surely, to love, to trust, and to celebrate the friend of sinners, must be a principal ingredient in the happiness of saints not yet made perfect. Solomon, whose experience of grace was lively and triumphant when he wrote the Song of Songs, declares that he “is altogether lovely.” Other objects may be overrated, and too highly esteemed; but so transcendent, so infinite, is the excellency of Christ, that he is, and will be to all eternity, more lovely than beloved. Yet, though all the love possible for saints and angels to show, falls, and will always fall, infinitely short of the Savior’s due; still it is a blessed privilege, to love him at all, though in ever so faint a manner, and in ever so low a degree. They, that love him at all, wish to love him more: and more and more they shall love him, through the ages of endless duration, in heaven, where they shall be like him, and see him as he is. AUGUSTUS TOPLADY
I think I see more of Christ than I ever saw; and yet I see but little of what may be seen. SAMUEL RUTHERFORD

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