Feb 3, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us that it is normal to have big lows after a great experience. We build up these great moments in our life as a time we want to remember for the rest of our lives. We often take pictures, or journal about it, because it is so amazing. It only makes sense that when our endorphin high is past that we will come down low. Every day can’t be absolutely fantastic, or we would be in Heaven. Now that we realize it is perfectly normal to have bad days, how do we get through them? Some days are horribly long and you just aren’t sure you can make it through till tomorrow when things might seem as if they are better. I have days when it is so prevalent on my mind, how little I can still do for myself and I just feel like such a burden to everyone who loves me. I know it grows more difficult as my strength leaves me more each day. Most of the time I can go back to my Mom saying “maximize the good, minimize the bad”, and I can force myself to just hang on for one more hour. That is something that is feasible. A whole day however seems like so long, and I just want to stop the pain. Knowing that will only come when my soul is no longer in this body. It’s very eye opening for sure. I remind myself of the many life changing things I have learned from this devotional. Truly my eyes have been opened and I felt my life has a new starting point, or bullet mark on my resume. I have been educated on why God chose me, to have all these health problems. I see that it was a great blessing to be chosen for this. He knew my life long relationship with my church would be tested. He made sure I had the knowledge to get through whatever this world threw at me now. He made sure that I knew that He loves me and hasn’t forgotten me. He is in control over this entire planet. Even to the point of stopping time and standing it still from turning on its axis. This very God that I can talk to any time, any day, formed the universe, YET still has time to hear my thoughts and prayers. Not only that but he truly wants even more time with us, a chance for us to get to know Him on a personal level. What can be more important than knowing the power behind our existence? Why can’t we stop our busy lives and give Him some of our time? We may be going in 15 different directions at once, but we could very well loose everything that is taking us away from our time with Him. Can you imagine wanting an opportunity to speak to Bill Gates? Most of us think of him as the man who brought the internet/computers into the world of regular people. I can only imagine the process to have a meeting with Mr Gates would be very stringent as many people would just love to speak to him for a few minutes. Maybe to pitch an idea at him, or ask for his help with one thing or another. That is if we even had enough of a valid reason that he would think about stopping his busy day to talk with us a bit. Now think of our Heavenly Father. All that He has created, All that He is over seeing at any one moment. All the request that are being asked of Him, every minute of every day. Yet, we can have one on one time with Him at any moment, we have only to speak His name. What an amazing privlidge that is. He is never too busy to spend a moment with us and care about every single living breathing creation on this planet. We can’t begin to know truly how many planets, there are out there with His creations on them. Yet we all matter enough that He purposely has time to hear every one of our thoughts, wishes, dreams, or complaints. We are so very very blessed to be His greatest creation, because He made us with His very hands in His own image. That shows His love and devotion. It truly makes one bad day, so unimportant in the scope of creation, that it is laughable. God has our back like nothing we could ever even begin to describe or think. Getting the opportunity to know Him on a personal level is just such a privlidge in itself, and we need to honor that, and His love that is insurmountable.
Thank you Lord for our creation, for your love and devotion when we certainly aren’t worthy. Please Lord, help us all to see how important this opportunity is.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional Streams in the Desert.




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