Dec 14, 2017

Dec 14, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about victory. There is only one way to achieve victory and that is from Christ’s sacrifice. Because He suffered, we have the ability to live, to succeed, to love, and have eternal life in Heaven with our Father. We achieve this victory because of our relationship with God, but the moment we begin to doubt it, we loose that amazing gift of freedom. Satan loves to tell us that whatever sin was in our life is too bad to just be forgotten, we can’t really be free of that sin. That person is you, and what if you did that again? There is no doubt needed with God. His word clearly backs up His promises. He loves us unconditionally. We can’t let Satan bring doubt in our life. We each have our mission, and when we are in tune with God, we hear it. Don’t put yourself in a situiation where there is SOO much noise you have trouble hearing God. If you feel like you have begun to fail, know that God doesn’t, nor Christ and they have made a promise to each of us and will never turn away from us or turn us down. Nothing is too bad for the Lord, He alone will always come out on top. He wants to bring you along with Him, all you have to do is believe.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:




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