Dec 15th 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us a powerful lesson about purpose. We are each born with a specific purpose in mind. God laid out our world so perfectly upon creation as to provide for its population till He comes back to get His bride, the church. In that same fashion God has a very exact and particular plan for each life born on this earth. We have certain set missions that He has determined we will meet. Just like Jonah and that Whale, there is no way to run from His plan for our life. God calls us when we are young to do missions that require spunk and spark. Then when we reach our middle years, He presents us with jobs that we can do to assist others so that our children will learn from example. Your sacrifice in following God’s plan benefits you and God, two fold. If your children see you doing things for others, they learn to follow in obedience, and grow closer to God by the examples you set. Drawing them closer to a relationship with God as He calls out to them. Then when we are in our later years, the plans that God has for us change along with us. We have to move over and let the next generation take lead and step back in our lives. This allows us time to reflect on our lives, see how our wrongs led us to certain outcomes. We can advise the generation when gentle, for no one wants to hear they are doing it wrong. They immediately shut you out, where as if you approach things at a different angle, they might hear the lesson you are trying to teach them. It’s hard to hear that you are doing something wrong, but at times we all need to hear it.
God knew every minute of your every day and planned accordingly. We need to be aware of those tugs of conscience that speak to our inner soul, this is how God speaks to us. This time of year is very difficult for many. Some lost loved ones this yr, or perhaps this was a favored holiday of someone they loved and have lost. It becomes difficult if regular traditions are broken. I know I am personally struggling more this yr than ever before. This is the first year of my entire life that I wasn’t able to decorate for Christmas. One of our daughter’s family is living with us until they can get out on their own. Which i must say is an honor. I am glad they felt like they could trust us and feel safe with their boys in our home. She doesn’t put up a tree because she heard a sermon about how people appear to worship the tree, laying all their presents around it, focusing plans around the tree. I can see where people would think this so I understand why she feels that way. I try to never judge others on their beliefs. So when I mentioned putting up the tree, she chringed and said I dont know if the boys will leave it alone. They are two and three, and full of energy. She is a brilliant woman full of love for God and her family, so she chooses to parent how she feels is best and that is 100% right. It is hard for me because since our nest became empty my husband and I do things a certain way. I had a tree when my kids were little and popped their hand if they continued to reach for it after being told no. I had extreme villages with many people and parts all over and it was never disturbed. Now there are precious little ones I adore here, that it is not my place to parent, so I must let her choose to raise her family as she feels God is leading her too. Her precious soft heart can’t bring her to really spank them, and it is her soft heart that has always made her the precious gift she is to our family. So no tree this year, and of course that meant the Christmas decorations and many Nutcrackers have stayed in storage this yr. I also lost my Mom this yr. She really taught me the Joy of Christmas. Only my sister loved it more. It truly does not feel like Christmas. I am ever thankful for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It just feels like things seem different this yr. With more in our household it led to lower budgets for Christmas and with my health challenges being stuck in bed all the time, makes it difficult to shop. I have just lost my Christmas spirit this yr. I would appreciate your prayers to get me back there, when the excitement of Christ’s birthday is the summit of my year.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:





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