Nov 22, 2017

Nov 22, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about joining in the sufferings of Christ. An opportunity to serve our Lord with perfect powers and no tears to slow us down. It tells of a time when Christ Himself will come to wipe away our tears. If you have lived a life so great with no problems, or worries, then you can’t understand suffering. You are not humbled to the point of being on bottom with every way to go, looking up. Now if you heard that Christ was going to wipe away all tears with His hands, wouldn’t you wish that you had the opportunity to suffer so that you could have that moment of care and personal love from our savior? It most certainly is worth any suffering you had to endure while on this earth. Some people just seemed to have a blessed life. Everything works out perfectly for them. Their investments triple, their chances all pay off, and they seem to live a life of no worries. Of course this is rare as on the outside looking in, it is easy to think someone else’s life as a glorious thing. You may not know what they suffer in private. Even if their life is that perfect, when the time comes for Christ to hand out blessings, do you think anyone who has every thing perfectly in their life has had the time to say,”Lord I need your help”? They have had no need to go to the Lord in request for help, or direction. While those who have suffered on this earth have had many the chances to talk to our Lord. Pray for deliverance, and direction. We talk to Him on a regular basis and look for His direction. Of course we will have a closer relationship with Him than anyone who has a great life while on this earth. When you think about reality, eternity is forever, so given the choice of 20 minutes of perfect, and then suffering evermore, wouldn’t you choose a life that has difficulty here, so that you would have a chance to know the amazing greatness of getting to know God now, so you will be with Him forever more? I certainly feel the price is worth it. I deal with a lot of physical pain every day, and yet it was I who said Lord, help me to draw nearer to you, spend more time in your word, increase my relationship with You. He answered my prayer. I have time for those things now and I am indeed closer to my Lord God, than ever before. Many people think that God doesn’t hear our prayers today, or answer the needs. We just have to see that He is answering them. Miracles still happen every day, and He is giving you the best life you could possibly have. It’s just not an instant thing and often not how we felt it should be accomplished. We certainly have no right to demand anything. God has more than provided for us. He knows what will happen in our future and with all that knowledge He is doing and giving the optimum life. There will be a day when you can see it plainly and you will be thanking Him when your eyes are opened.
Tomorrow is the day when we give thanks for all we are blessed with. Spend a bit of time today just thinking about all that truly is. Even the painful bumps in your road lead to an amazing view when you reach your destination. Thank you truly for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:




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