Feb 27, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us the extreme importance of time alone with God. We all see solitude as something different, depending on your circumstance, and maturity. Yes, I truly believe that it takes maturity to appreciate time alone. Confidence in yourself, so as you don’t need someone else to complete you, or lead you to happiness. Then you can find happiness wherever you are. That is something that many never reach a full understanding of in their entire life. The key is to not focus on what is negative in your life at the moment, but focus on God. Tell yourself over and over till it sinks in, that God has a plan for your life, and it will turn out perfectly.
Time alone with God is as important to our well being as air is to our lungs. It is easy for a person to entertain their brain during times of solitude, due to electronics today. You can control your surroundings by pushing a few buttons on your phone if you want that technology. Then again there are many new devices that simply rely on your voice to give them direction. It is when we choose to invest that time we have alone with God that we see life altering things happen. Our history proves over and over, the great feats that have come about, due to time alone with God. We should all realize the importance of quiet time. Talking to God is such a privilege and honor, that it should be a life goal. He couldn’t make it any easier for us, that’s for sure. Perhaps if it were more difficult, people would see it for the gift that it is. God wants to talk to you. Just chat like you do with your friend. He doesn’t require pomp and circumstance like any earthly royalty. He is happy to hear from us any time of our day, be it when we are sweaty from a long days work, or fresh out of the shower clean. Be it before we eat, sleep, or begin our work day, God is eager to hear from us whenever we speak His name. Give Him the opportunity to speak to you, give voice to your desires. He will never steer us wrong.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.




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