March 7, 2018 Karla’s Blog Today’s devotional is teaching us why bad things happen to good people. We are given these intense lessons in life to teach us faith. Faith that He will be there to take us through whatever we need from Him. Teaching us that it is Him that we need to rely on for every breath, and never to rely only on ourselves. The moment things start going well and we see all these blessings around us, something comes along to remind us that we can’t do it alone. We need to go to God throughout every day, for guidance, wisdom, and a peace that comes only from knowing you have it right with Him.
If you have asked Him to be your savior, that repentance is what you needed to give you assurance that your name is written in that precious Lamb’s book of life. Each of those names are written in the blood that our savior shed, when He chose to die for our sins. He took our punishment, for all that we have done wrong. He lived a sin free life, of perfect love, yet He suffered what was the worst kind of punishment in His days. Your sins have been paid for. You are forgiven, the price for your life has been paid. Our constant reminder of this important lesson, is needed to show us we need Him every day, and every hour. So when you discover something has gone wrong, don’t get angry, just understand God is still actively reaching out to you, so you will see you need to stay in that tight relationships with Him. He has not forgotten you, He wants desperately to have a close relationship with you. He is reaching out to you, will you be there for Him?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.




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