Feb 21, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about Patience. I have always told my children that Patience is a virtue, that I didn’t bestow. Of course I was teasing them about making me wait, when I ask them to do something. Truthfully I will tell you, I have not always had good patience. I have learned that skill, out of need. Things certainly don’t move quicker because I am inpatient. I certainly can’t hurry up my God in whatever plan He has for me. He is preparing everything for the precise time when it all falls perfectly into place. Patience is a skill that is learned over time, and perfected over decades. However important it is, we shouldnt be tempted to ask God for patience, as it comes only from wanting relief from some trial you are enduring. We have to remind ourselves that His timing is perfect. I shamefully admit in my past, to getting antsy for some movement and poking the bear for some reaction. It only makes the problem worse, and it shows my lack of faith. Just as we need maturity to handle life properly, we need maturity in our Godly walk as well. We are growing in knowledge every day and once we know we are doing something wrong, if we don’t change it, then there are serious repercussions.
I have spent a good bit of time in the past few months reconnecting with a cousin I hadn’t talk to in years. His walk with the Lord is new to him, and it is a gift from God to be able to go on this journey of discovering our Father with him. Like many out there, he is without a good mentor to lead by example. There truly are so few true Godly mentors these days. That leaves us to rely on the word and the real Christians we know to help guide our steps. I grew up in church and have learned a good bit over my 53years. I did learn more from my Godly mentor in two years under her guidance. I knew the rules, but she showed me how to apply them in my every day walk. Although she lives in South FL, over the phone and internet she has set an example that I hope to live up to. Mentors are human though so we can’t put them on a pedestal, or they will fall. We have to think of them like an older sibling who has a good ten years on us and have already made it through many of the challenges we are facing as growing believers. They give us these little reminders that make sense to us. They speak our language more so than King James precious translation of God’s word. It is more desirable to have your mentor be of the same sex, so that they can understand things from that point of view. However if there is not one available, we thank God for what He gives us and we learn as much as we can as we grow in our faith. We can be in our late years as a person, but still a small child in our walk of faith. A mature faith is such a gift, but it does take work. You have to seek answers and keep God foremost in our mind every day. Being ready and even honored to put His will before our own. Knowing He will never lead us wrong, and opening our eyes to the amazing gifts that He is giving you due to your obedience. When we have our eyes open and begin to see God in action around us, with amazing blessings, we certainly don’t want to take a step backward and loose all this footing we have gained in knowledge. We are so very blessed to have a relationship with the Creator, to know He cares about each one of us. There is a plan in place for every life, and it’s goal is the best possible life for each of us. What more could we ask?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.




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