Feb 20, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about all the possibilities we have, because of our relationship with God. It is literally endless. No limitations upon what we get from the Trinity except what we throw up, because of being blind to our possibilities. Just imagining all that we can do with God’s blessings, makes my heart so happy and my feet feel like I am walking on air. We could not possibly ever want more than He has given us access to. By following our Father’s directives we are led down the hidden path that takes us straight to our hearts desire. Without His aid and direction we would loose our way due to distractions of this world. We have to remind ourselves, everything on this earth is just temporary. We are stocking up treasures that are everlasting in Heaven, that will be our future. We’ve all heard about saving for our future, this is being handed the key to the kingdom, and being allowed access to perfection for ever more. Back the truck up to the vault and help yourself. Everything you will ever need from now on will be provided for you. When you sign up with God, He will direct you down your path, straight to Heaven. Life will not be perfect however, because our human nature will try to take you to sinful desires. When we take those steps in enemy territory, we are at huge risk of suffering consequences for our selfish ways. God will correct your course, and get you back on the right path, so that you feel His security all around you. Hopefully you will never stray far, so the consequences are minimum. If you allow earthly possessions to be your goal, then you are a slave to things that will go away, and soon be worth nothing. Set all your goals for Godly works, then anything you achieve will be everlasting and worthy. It is easy to make plans to aquire possessions on earth, and Satan will try to convince you that you really need this one thing, to make your life better. Ask yourself if what you seek will truly make life better? Who is getting glory for the purchase of this possession? Is it to be used for Godly work, will it make service to your God and King more possible in any way that it wasn’t before? Satan tempts each of us differently, because he knows your heart too, and if he can get you detoured on your path, then it is his great accomplishment. Refuse to allow him that victory. Give them all to your God and King. Every step you take with Him is rewarded and all consequences are full of love. We cant ever out give God. Our reward will be exactly what each of us need, as no one knows our hearts, true desire better. Dont let Satan cheat you out of your glory with God.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert



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