Feb 19, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us the reason that we endure pain and disappointments. After reading today’s devotional I have to say, I am glad that I am still enduring struggles and pain. After hearing a message over the weekend from Dr Stanley on life when all is well, then reading today’s devotional, it really makes me look at things differently. I am still dealing with problems in my life because God wants a relationship with me. If all was well and I could do all I used to do, I would be running from work to home, cooking dinner, doing laundry, until it was time for me to crash in bed, so I would be able to make it the next day. I know I wouldn’t set aside the time I do now to devote to God. I have learned so much and become so much closer to my God while enduring this pain in my body. Now there will come a time when they invent a medication that will remove my pain from my body but not be harmful to it, and I will stand in line. As each brilliant chemist takes the time to listen to a nudge from the Lord, they will get there and the pharmaceutical companies will profit greatly. So many people are developing drug addictions due to honest pain. I know that if I was that type of person who just wanted to forget life for a few minutes, I could easily take more medication than I do. I am so cautious and often in pain because I don’t want to get used to all the pain meds. I have seen too many with addiction problems, and what it does to them. I don’t want to be a slave to a pill. I want God to be the thing that always leads my life. I see that God is doing something in my life and instead of saying why am I in so much pain, I choose to say, thank you God, for keeping my pain at something tolerable. He knows what I can endure and what I can’t. We can’t think it’s all about us, and the world is keeping you held back from achieving something that you deserve. We don’t deserve anything. We have to work hard to get anything, and even more so to get ahead. It doesn’t matter that others make money before they get out of bed. That is them, and their life. We are never to want what others have, most especially those who dont have God in their life. What they have is only for a few minutes, when you are building your fortune in Heaven, where it never goes away.
If you were given a choice to live a life without any health, or money problems, but it meant that you couldn’t ever have God, would you choose that? Now there are moments when people are in agony, that they might be tempted, but God will never let it get to the point you cant handle it. I cant imagine anything on this earth that could mean more than my relationship with God. That security of His love is everlasting. I have been forgiven, and given a fresh clean slate many times. However it wasnt till I was on my knees praying and really seeing how wrong I was, that I truly begged God to give me another chance. We never see the wall coming till we are inches away from impact and run to God for help. He has been preparing your aide before you were born. Have you ever had the opportunity to be the answer to someone’s prayer to God? It is truly the most amazing feeling in the world. Like you are working with God to help others. It’s amazing and such a precious feeling of union, that it is something I could get addicted too. Just seeing their face, and you saying God told me you needed this, or to donate this. However He speaks to you. There are many times when we do the work and don’t see the results. I rarely see a family get the items I donate to the NICU, but when I drop them off at the hospital, it is the most amazing feeling. Those nurses don’t know who I am over Adam, but I know I helped someone who is going through a hard time, and their baby came too early. They are probably worried, scared, confused, and desperate for answers. I am praying for those families when I am making those tiny things. God already knows who will be getting them and the need in their life. He was already working when I started praying for that family. If I can give them a moment of comfort during such a tough time, wow what a feeling that is. There is something out there that each of us can do to help someone. All these cards I am making for cancer patients, God knows who will get what 5pk of cards, and exactly which cards to put together to help them most. They will know that someone cares enough to do something for them without seeing any glory. Just following their heart for God. They are fighting Cancer and it’s the battle for their very life. Don’t you want to find your way to give back so you can be God’s hands and feet on this earth. Let Him work with your hands, give Him the glory for all He has done. Bring praise to Him, not for yourself. You will see quickly nothing compares to that feeling. You don’t need to let each person know you did that, or anyone. You know what you are doing for God. What you do that you are not given thanks for here, you will receive in Heaven and I can only imagine how amazing that will be.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert




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