Feb 16, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us there is purpose behind every pain that we endure. Each wave that crosses our nerve endings is chipping away a bit of the old self to reveal this new version of you underneath. That person understands pain and it’s purpose. To bring us closer to God. We just are not capable of reaching the point of understanding until we have lived while suffering. Then when we can’t get a Dr to fix it, or make it ease, only then do we seek the help of our Fathers healing hand. I have learned so much throughout these years of intense pain through my body. Yet there is still more I need to awaken my eyes to, before He feels I am refined enough for Heaven. I certainly know I was so far from where I am now in my commitment to God. I spend hours alone in a silent house, in pain that does not ease no matter the meds consumed. It only makes me sleepy or just not care that I am hurting. There is absolutely a reason behind every second of my suffering. I have to see what else God is trying to tell me. I can only read His Words to me, and pray that I can understand what He is telling me. Time in prayer to my Father and ask Him to help me see what he is trying to tell me. I want to be able to understand what He wants me to know, to reduce my suffering yes, but also to grow closer to God and cut away the sinful human side of me. I want Him to take all of that away from me. I desire to be a reflection of his love and grace. Which is our greatest gift. If God didn’t love me so much that He want’s to get me back on track, then He wouldn’t have gone through the effort to try to open my eyes to my sin. See it from a different angle and see how much He loves you, to try to help you become without sin and able to spend your eternity with Him in the greatest pleasure you will ever know. Pause a moment and thank Him for the pain you are suffering from, because it is worth that price to go to Heaven.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.





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