Feb 15, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is reminding us not to stress and worry. It absolutely does no good, and it can’t change anything for the better. It is hard on our bodies the anxiety that it holds tight and the only relief is from beautiful faith. Faith in what God has left for us to read and study. Proof that His son was real, and that His life was given to give you hope for a better future. The Word gives us important instructions for how to lead our life, and examples set by the many before us. We are shown without a doubt that God has a plan for our lives, and is in control over everything that touches it. Each step is very well thought out, and put into place. You are never given more than you can endure and you become stronger through enduring hard times. Those who have had a tough life, should realize that God wanted to save you so much, that He continued trying to reach you. If you only speak to Him during miserable hard times, then that is what will happen, so that you will commune with Him. Another very important topic in today’s devotional is not to be envious of what those who are unsaved may have. They are lost, and all that they have is here on earth. That leaves them an eternity with nothing but suffering, while we may have less here, we are Royalty in our Eternity. Give them there 15 minutes of fame as that is all it is compared to forever. Would you want to have riches on earth if it cost you admittance to Heaven? If gold rules anyone to that degree, then they do not deserve eternity. We are told not to worry about the things of this earth as they will fall away. There is a reason that the bible says it is next to impossible for rich people to get to Heaven. They try to solve their own problems, and never get to know God. Others look to them to solve their life problems as well and that power goes to people’s head. They all want to be king of their castle, but only God is the true King. What does Christ tell the rich man who ask what it will take for him to be saved? He is to give all he had away to needy and follow Christ. However the man couldn’t do that because his true love was in that money, and perceived power. So many worship money and crave the power and freedom they think comes with it. The more you have, the bigger your tragedies will be. Otherwise they don’t touch you, but as an annoyance. It has to be something that leaves you desperate for help, to get your attention back on God above. He will continue to try to reach you in the only way you respond to Him. So if your life is full of tragedy see it as how much God loved you and kept trying to reach you, out of desperation to save you from yourself. I pray this opens eyes to God for the things that are needed and not money. God’s provisions have no expiration date.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert





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