Feb 13, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about the strength of prayer. When we feel completely at a loss and see no way out, that is when we fall on our knees and pray. It is sad that so many wait until this point, because they are cheating themselves out of so many blessings that God could have given them. There is mighty power in prayer. I have seen God change things to wondrous endings, because someone spent the time on their knees in prayer. When we feel like there is something we can do to change a bad situiation, or bring to fruition a dream of someone we care about, if it is in our power to do so, we just immediately jump on it. However when we go to God, it is as if given a shot of adrenaline boost. We have turbo power behind our actions, because God is the power behind everything in our world. He created it, and knows every way to change it, however He sees is best. The knowledge that you have a real relationship with God is so amazing, because we see the power at our disposal. The stronger our connection with Him, the better we know how to petition the Lord for the needs we see around us. Even more importantly we know without a doubt that if certain things happen there is a firm purpose behind every moment of a loved ones suffering. I tell ya, my physical body has such intense pain every day, but my relationship with God grows stronger. I see the power behind just a prayer. I may not be able to change the pain of a loved one, but I know they will ultimately be better off because of it. I use myself as an example here. I certainly would never choose this life of pain, yet because I am stuck in this bed and unable to go about life as I knew it, I have learned so much about my God. I have had time to see how He works at times. I have learned that it is never too late. If circumstances lead to a friend or loved one losing their life here on earth, I know they will be out of pain. I know if they believe in God and confess Him as Savior, that they are immediately going to be with God. They get to enjoy the amazing perfect habitation where only good matters and there is no sin or evil to hold them back. They get to fly with the angels, while we are still stuck on this earth suffering through the difficult times. Every Christian has access to the greatest power known to man, and the stronger their faith, the stronger they see the power of God around them changing lives, and heaping rewards on His faithful. We can’t let the fact that our wish for a particular place or thing has not come about deter our faith, it only means He has better in mind. Where He plants us is where we have the ability to flourish and become all that we can be. It isn’t a mistake you didn’t get that promotion you prayed for, it is a fact that something better is coming to you. Trust that no matter what is happening in your life, it is to make you the ultimate side of you that is possible. God does not make mistakes. If you are not healed, God is using that time to reach you and grow you. Buffing the brightest shine out of your life. Buffing does not happen without push or pressure, there is effort pushing against the surface He is perfecting.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.



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