Feb 10, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is reminding us what in biblical times moved the disciples and mattered most. None of these things move me, is what Paul said, while in prison. Christ did not defend Himself when accused of trecherous acts. Persecution and accusations never deterred the disciples, because what people thought of them did not matter. What they were doing, they did for the Father, and nothing earthly could deter them from their great Commission. Christ gathered all his disciples together not long before He was captured and even then He knew what was coming toward Him, by mankind’s hand. He never let it stop Him and wanted to make sure the masses knew what was important in His last days, so they could carry it forward. He spoke of the great Commission, as this is your life’s goal. This is what you need to work on when I am gone. They could not let worldly matters deter them. Very few of us have reached a point in our life when it does not matter what anyone else says, or thinks. Even less have realized that money does not matter. It can only bring you temptation and troubles. God provides what we need on this earth. The main problem is what mankind thinks they need, and how much of that is a want. God gives us what we need to survive on this earth till He takes us home. The things you need in order to survive are the things you need. If you can live without it, then it is a want. The trust we put in God to provide what we need is teaching us what matters most. We can’t let fear of persecution or being shoved aside, lead us to not continue to do the work of the Lord. Silence is much louder than a scream. We have to leave retribution to God, He knows what is unjust and we know the unjust only rule here on earth. We Christians have all of eternity to be with Christ where things will be done the right way. We can look forward to that when things are difficult here on earth. Our work is seen, be it good or bad, and we will answer for what we do wrong. However letting God be the judge, not us. We can’t be trusted to be unbiased. He will rule justly and will judge everyone equally who ever lived. We must continue to follow His direction till we face that time. Proclaim to all, that God is all that matters and will save us all from evil.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert



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