Feb 7, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us how to resist depression. How to learn to blindly trust that God will answer our needs when we humbly come before Him, and ask. Even though we can never be worthy of all He has given us, we ask in Christ name that He grant our request, in HIS time. That is the key, always. We have to remain patient and wait until God sees the perfect time to answer that need.
We are told very plainly that we have no reason to be depressed or weary, as we are children of the Creator, King, most high. As heirs to His kingdom we are blessed beyond measure. We should walk around with this knowledge at the forefront of our mind constantly, letting no petty annoyance from earthly matters stand in the way of our happiness. Everything of this earth is only temporary and fleeting, we have an eternity with our Father in Heaven to look forward to.
We are given only two reasons that could possibly leave us feeling depressed. One being the lack of security we have with a relationship with God, having given Him our pledge of solidarity and devotion. Choosing to follow God and His way, over a life of sin that will lead us no where. We can never have anything of real worth in this life without God. The second is having made that commitment to our Father, but yet continuing to live a life rulled by sin. This shows no faith, you are being ruled only by what you want and what you can see. We absolutely have reason to be depressed without this assurance of eternity with God. We are doomed otherwise. We all get eternity, but we have to actively choose God and follow Him, or we have no hope of that eternity being with God in Heaven. Actively, as in constantly choosing all day, every day, to do things God’s way, instead of our own. Showing faith by believing in what you can’t see with your own eyes, but choosing to believe with every cell of your being. Knowing without doubt that He is real, and He is constantly working to give you a better life. Just typing the words makes me want to say, thank you, Heavenly Father. We could certainly never earn all that He does for us, we are so unworthy. Yet, we are so very blessed. When it comes to the Creator, Ruler, and most high King of our world, what greater gift can we have than being His child, His heir? It was for us that He created this world, and why He let His only son suffer, so that we can have that eternity with Him forever more. Doesn’t it just make you want to praise Him with thanksgiving in your heart?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.




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