Feb 6 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is reminding us that it is only when it is dark, that we are able to see the shine of the moon and stars. They are there when the sun is out on a bright shinny day, but we have so much to draw our attention, that we can’t see them. Yet when we grow weary and dark, we have only to look up, and amongst the darkness is the bright shining reminder of our God and His promises to us. Promises that NEVER waiver, or change in depth, we have only to be reminded of their presence when our world is dark. Our devotional today speaks of when the Isrealites were fleeing for their lives, yet with their feet in the waters that they had been sure would take their lives, they had such confidence in God’s deliverance that they just stopped midway to praise God. I can only imagine myself facing a swirling river ahead of me that must be crossed in order for me to obtain freedom, then the water slows down and a pathway clears so that we can get across. Yet we have been running for a long time. We see this truly miraculous thing, but instead of running to the other side where our safety would be secure, instead stopping while still in the danger zone, to praise God. At any moment they knew the waters would return to churning as usual, but their faith was strong enough to just stop half way over to give thanks to our Heavenly Father. What faith it took, yes after seeing such a miraculous event, they must have known there was no doubting God. They had seen so many miraculous events while on this journey to their promised land. Fed when they were hungry, from food just left from the sky. They were given water when they were suffering from thirst, just by Moses taping his staff to a rock. They had seen God constantly provide for all of their needs, every time they felt sure of their fate, and He didn’t just provide, but did so in such an elaborate way that there was no questioning who had come to their rescue time and again. It makes us see that when things seem to be getting the darkest of all, that it is just God getting it ready for you to see His miraculous power in action. Just like the very stars He put in the sky, to lead the shepards and allow them to care for their flock. As with everything, there is a purpose. God never leaves us hopeless, or without a way to find Him and our way home. We are so very truly blessed that He knows exactly what it is going to take to reach us, and He is prepared to do it, so as not to loose even one lamb.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.





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