Jan 30, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about un moveable faith. It can feel next to impossible sometimes for the average person, to be able to endure all that this world can throw at them on any given day and time. True strong Faith in God can give you the strength to do that, where nothing else leaves you capable. Through our own experiences as well as the many we read about in the Word, we see that God equips us for whatever is headed our way. Sadly to prepare us, often extreme things have to happen that gave us that strength and ability a bit at a time. God knows our future, and He guards our hearts as much as He can. You might feel at times as though you have been thrown to the wolves, but truly everything is a carefully laid out plan. We absolutely have freedom of choice, which is an amazing gift in itself, but our Father knew which decision you would choose before you were born, and has prepared accordingly. Doing everything to give us chance after chance to see how thorough His love for us is. That relationship with God teaches us through life experiences, that we can put immovable faith in Him. Have no doubt that anything that could possibly happen in our life, can be more than handled by the creator of it all. It seems almost laughable to think the Creator, could be stumped by any thing that just comes up. Compare it to a man being challenged by an aunt? Our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are so beyond the strength of anything this world or Satan can throw at Their feet. In the Word we have seen our strong faithful servants of the Lord, endure many hardships. The only small power that Satan has, is on this Earth. So he wants to control as much as possible. This makes it important to him to wield that power, so he must make it look enticing to mankind. God has let him have all the things that are superficial and worldly. Anything that it is within Satan’s power to give, is something that is only temporary. This shows us that anything that can happen in our lives, can be more than handled by our Father. He can squash it like a bug. It reminds us how blessed we are to get to know the Father, personally. Who wouldn’t want to know the power that created the world we live in? Read about His promises to us, in His Word, and absolutely remind Him of them when you are in trouble and feel lost. You can’t go wrong getting to know the Father. Never fear that anything going on in this world, is beyond what He can fix. So what happens might shape us, but it will never break us, because we are His. He will never fail us, or deny us what we need. Truly a day will come, when everyone, will kneel before Him. I absolutely can’t wait for my opportunity.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.





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