Jan 26, 2018 Karla’s Blog Today’s devotional is teaching us how to decide if we should wait for God’s direction, or go because we have been blessed. This is the question that is as old as time itself. We aren’t sure what steps to take next, so we go to God in prayer. Then either we jump up thinking we know what He would want, or we wait until after our transportation has left before we realize we should have gone. It’s a very difficult dilemma and leads to much confusion and many missed blessings from our Father. The key is to be in such a tight relationship with God that we hear what He is telling us. If you spend regular time in prayer, and in the Word, God will reveal your answers. Plain as day, you will know which direction to go. There are times when it takes us taking the initive to seek God’s will, then He sees your efforts and begins blessing you the moment you act on them. That step of faith is what was required. God has known years before you were born, every decision you would make, and has prepared for the consequences. We can’t just think we know what God would want us to do, then act accordingly. So many times this direction comes more from our inner heart and mind, over definitive direction from our Creator. God created mankind with a soul, so that we can commune with Him. We are blessed among all of His creations in that He chose to gift us this. What an honor it is to really get to know God. Absolutely, our God knows every encounter you will have on this day, and has seen how it will affect your decisions. It is my prayer that from reading this today, you will seek to find the direction that God wants you to take. Make no huge decisions without consulting Him first. Just as you would seek consult from your mate, or most trusted friend when trying to make a large decision, I am asking you to truly seek God’s will for that decision. Just ask Him to reveal your path, and you will find clarity. The inner peace when knowing you are following God’s path and direction, is truly a blessing in itself. That feeling of commune with God is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.





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