Jan 24, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about Faith. What a gift He has given us in promises. We know above all that our days endure, that we can trust and depend on the father’s promises. Absolute without fail, no doubt. It is wonderful when we see encouragement while going through a hard time, however He has never denied you relief or aide. He has however, waited for us to learn hard lessons, before He sends in the relief that we seek. No one ever promised us an easy life, and very few have been given that, in fact I believe it is harder for them to have a great relationship with God when they haven’t struggled. Yes those who are born with wealth have things that others don’t, however when they have bumps in their roads, they are pretty powerful costly bumps. We often fail to see how God has protected us from the problems that cost beyond our means. This is financial and mental, means I am talking about here. We absolute never get more than we can handle. That is God’s promise. He always has a plan in place to give you the best life possible, Jer 29:11. This has always been my absolute favorite verse, and when I feel lost and at rock bottom, I have to read it again. It is through our hard times we learn so much, we can understand what others are enduring as we have finished that particular trial and can offer assistance or aide. Just knowing that someone has your every day planned and that your life will end with greatness, helps us to keep our head held high while struggling. We have been forgiven, and we have been granted access to our every wish. Truly what more could anyone ask for? As you feel buried under the weight of your next trial, stop and tell yourself, God’s got this. That act of faith will make a difference and it makes the answer or relief you seek even sweeter than it would have been. We all want our answer from God, but His omnipotence grants it at the perfect time. Smile, knowing it IS coming, and God will never let you down.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.






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