Jan 23, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us that no matter what we are enduring, God is right there with us. At times it may seem we are lost in clouds and fog and can’t even see our own reflection, but God is with us for every step. If we can but trust Him blindly, He will direct our steps to the quickest way out of our storm. It is when we begin to trust our own instincts that we get lost and turned around. Our road leads in different directions taking us longer to get through the confusion of whatever Satan has put in our path. It is God who has planned our path and knows our ending, and His love is the one thing on this earth that we can’t question.
I found it a bit ironic that the scripture reference today was something I had actually read last night. I even quoted some of it on FB. I encourage you to read this psalm as it is King David trying to find his way back to God while enduring a time of confusion. He wondered where God was, and King David was known as one of the most Godly Kings we had in Biblical times. Even though we all well know of his greatest sin of lust for another man’s wife. Again the Bible is showing us that we all make mistakes and commit sin, we get led away by desires that are not of the Lord. It only takes one sin, perhaps like David’s example when he didn’t turn away when he saw a woman bathing on the roof. That sin led David to commit further sins so that He could have what he wanted even though he knew it was wrong. Like us, I am sure he tried to justify his actions, however there is nothing hidden from God and He knows our true heart at all times. When we are following the Lord with our whole mind and body, then we can see how amazing life can be as God blesses our every step. It is when we become accustomed to these blessings and think they are due to our worth, that we get in trouble. When we go against God’s will and do what we want, that we begin to get lost in the clouds and fog of tribulations, we have to get back on track and right with God before we start to find our way out. I often think we have bad times to bring us back to God. How many of us get out of our habit of thanking God for all that is in our lives, that we begin to think it’s ours and something we deserve, we earned ourselves. However when we go through any kind of trouble we certainly increase our time in prayer, asking God to help us, so we spend more time with God in rocky times, than in smooth times. God has all the wisdom in our world at His disposal, yet bad times happen in the lives of good people. Absolutely it all has a purpose. God knows what He is doing.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me; please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the Desert.




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