Jan 22, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about waiting. Waiting is only a pause in the middle of the long story that is our life. God wrote it all a long time ago and planned how to give you the happily every after. So this is only a moment to pause, and take a breath, so that we will be ready to carry on in just a moment. No different than a break in the afternoon at many offices. Our break might appear in what we see as a bad health scare, or even an illness that changes the way we live our life. However your story is not done, He still has great plans for you. If we can remain focused on God, we show Him our devotion. We stay His witness to all who know of our faith, so as His representative we show the world what His people do. We were not promised rose gardens, in fact we are told, our time on earth may be difficult. We don’t have that cut throat ideal that those who don’t have God do. They can do whatever it takes to get ahead. We have to do it through years of not being seen, of being passed over for the liars and thieves. We do have the knowledge however that in the end, we will be winners. Everything they get is all here and now, it’s temporary. We have been given keys to the kingdom however. We will have a most amazing future. So don’t fret if your body doesn’t appear as strong as it used to. It is doing exactly what it takes to get you through, till your second act is called up. We will have bad days as long as we breathe, but know that God is there making sure you never have more than you can handle. Brighter days are coming your way.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Streams in the desert:






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