Jan 18, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is talking to us about the splendid creation we are given from our Father, known to us as our body. Each organ is a splendid creation in itself. A miracle of design that perfectly performs a task for up to a hundred years or more. Each part connecting to another and working together to form the ultimate machine creation of our Father God’s hand. He designed us specifically with His own hands, where all the other creatures on earth, He simply thought and they were. Mankind is special to Him, and the only creation that has a soul. He created us with the idea of us doing the right thing, and ultimately having our eternity to spend in Heaven with Him. Satan of course has his own ideas and wants mankind to think of what is in their hand now, instead of what is promised for all of eternity. A bird in the hand is better than one in the bush.3
Let’s take a moment and really think about how amazing our bodies are. Mankind is incredibly blessed with this gift. Just as one egg joins with one sperm and then starts to grow and multiply those cells until a heart beats, and each organ forms, untill that creation can reach a point when it can survive outside of the womb. We absolutely take it all for granted never giving it a moments thought, until one part starts to have a problem. Let just one of the multitude of muscles in our body get pulled the wrong way and we are reminded with every movement for days, just how much we use that one part. I try to make a point of going to God in prayer on occasion just to thank Him for the many things that I take for granted. As my health problems have worsened I certainly am beginning to understand the importance of being able to control these muscles. It feels completely helpless when I can’t get them to work the way I think they should. Then I am reminded that the Creator of it all, knows every hair on my head and He has a specific plan for my life. Every thing that happens, good or bad, there is a reason for it. God has it all in hand and the plan He has for my life, has a specific goal in mind. He wants the best life for all of us, and so has designed our life to get us to that point. When I take the time to think of how complex His plan must be for each person on this earth, all happening at the very same time, it is overwhelming. How amazing is our God!! Just think how blessed we are to be able to talk to Him at any time. He has given us this instruction book on how to live the best life, and receive the most out of our time on this earth. We have explicit information on what it will be like when we join Him in Heaven. We have been told the way to receive forgiveness of all of our mistakes. Truly what more could we ask for?
Thank you Father God for all the gifts you have given me in this life. Thank you mostly for giving me the opportunity to know You and see Your love for every creation on this planet.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress:









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