Jan 17, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us why it is so important to use our knowledge to fight our battles, and not physical force. Our country was blessed to have a pastor so in tune with the Lord’s word, that he literally preached, let your soul go to war, not your body. Dr Martin Luther King was a pastor who loved the Lord. He saw a nation in the early 60’s that is so very similar to the chemistry of our nation today. He feared race wars just as many of us do today. It could happen so easily, as each race feels they aren’t given the respect they deserve. So many things have changed in our country in the past 50-60years and in some ways our country has progressed greatly and minorities have been given opportunities that would have made Dr King, very proud. At that time it was more of a fight for African Americans, where today it is people who have come to our nation from many countries, as well as the one that has been here since the Garden of Eden, Women. Even though in older years there may be more women then men, we most definitely are considered a minority. The Bible does say that the man is head of the household, yes. I believe absolutely God knew exactly what He was doing when He told us this. The Word has specific ways that a man is to think of, and treat his wife. When we follow His direction it works perfectly, however as with everything written in the bible, mankind tends to pick and choose what they want to follow. The reason it is important to use our minds instead of our fist to fight our battles, is to force us to think. Think about everyone’s feelings and concerns when making decisions, not just the group who may be in power at the moment. Treat everyone with dignity and grace. Personally when I encounter the elderly, I strive to treat them the way I would my precious grandmother, and how I would want others to treat her as well. When we see those in need, we all have had someone in our family at one point or another who needed assistance either medically, financially, or physically. I choose to treat others with those needs as I would my loved ones. In that same fashion I want to enable them to get past this rough spot if possible and get back on their feet, not just be content to live off the sweat of others. No one wants to feel used.
Our country has come a long way in some areas in the last half century, however race has become more of an issue than it was back in the 60’s. It feels like we are sitting on a powder keg and just waiting for a spark to hit close enough that it will ignite an explosion. People of color feel they are watched and judged more than ever before. They are no longer denied access to places due to their color, but they are watched and expected to cause problems. There are millions of people in this country that can lay claim to more than one race genetically, so why can’t we blend mentally as well? Some use flat statistics quoting who commits the majority of crimes, as their excuse for watching some groups more than others. We all know that statistics can be maniplulated, and they aren’t fact. Just because more males under the age of 20 are the cause of most vehicle accidents, certainly doesn’t stop young women, or older people from making a mistake when driving. There are millions of white male teens who are addicted to drugs, this often leads to theft as a financial source for their habits. Many of which, begin at home. Of course that is something we don’t talk about with outsiders, that is just young Johnny making a mistake and he will outgrow it. So do we want all young white males to be heavily scrutinized when they go into a store? We have to wake up and see people as people and not by the color of their skin. Perhaps we need to remember it was a man from that area of the world, where bombers and terrorist come from, that gave His sin free life, as a sacrifice for all of our mistakes. If we judge, we shall therefore also be judged. There will come a time when we are all truly judged, and no criminal attorney is going to be making excuses for our behavior. Flat facts will be what condemns us. No one will ever pass through that judgement without Christ saying “This is one of mine, I have already paid for their admittance”. Absolutely no one is worthy. We all fall short, and that makes us guilty. We therefore need to see that we can’t pass judgement on anyone else. Especially because of the color of their skin, they cant control it, they were born with it. We all have to take the time to see each person we encounter as a person, and treat every one how we want to be treated.
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