Jan 16, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is continuing our discussion on the strongest fears that are on the mind of average women today. The top five of those being fear of the unknown, old age, failure, illness of some sort. With the very strongest fear, being that of losing a loved one to death, or seperation. When I evaluate this list personally, fear of the unknown through death, doesn’t feel real to me, as I haven’t the slightest doubt, nor will I even let my mind wander on the idea of anything other than the promise we are given in the Word. Christ paid the price for our mistakes, He is gone to prepare a place for us, and He is in fact coming back to get those who believe in Him. The old age fear doesn’t really bother me too much either. The down side to get older to me, is loss of the ability to do things with my children and grandchildren that are meaningful, and make memories. I mourn that loss a bit. Failure doesn’t phase me much at this point in my life, because I feel such a connection to my God, that if there is something I can’t do, I know there is a reason for it. The second half of that one illness is a factor for me however, as I live with this every minute of every day. I hurt, and I am not talking about a little ache that is annoying like a toothache, I am seriously hurting, in severe pain every minute. I wonder at times what it would be like to not hurt like this. Yet at times I have to completely hide my feelings because other people feel pity when they see you in pain. They want to find a way to make it better, because they don’t want to think of you hurting. I want to spend the time I have with my loved ones making memories, not making them suffer with me in my pain. I want to laugh, smile, and try to forget for a few minutes. When I am gone, I want my loved one’s to have good memories of fun things, not remembering how much I looked like I was suffering when we were together. I hope that makes sense. Then the top fear of most women is fear of losing a loved one, through death, or because a loved child is at the prodigal child stage. Neither of these do we have any absolute control over. We can of course strive to be a good parent to our children and regret intensely any mistakes we might do to ever bring them hurt. What we can’t do however, is control what that child is thinking. We can say, I love you, I am truly sorry for any mistakes I have made, and sadly then it is out of our hands. Our Father is a professional in this area. He has done everything within His power for us, yet so many pull away from their beliefs throughout their lives and just choose to go in another direction. It certainly isn’t because God has done anything wrong. Satan works his way into their mind and builds up resentment for things people think should have turned out differently. They think they know better than God what is the right thing to do, and grow angry with Him. So many years people spend in that time of rebellion, and it is time wasted getting to know the one truly loving, caring, selfless, being in their world. They are cheating themselves. What our Mom’s used to call cutting your nose off to spite your face. We can’t really see it, till we are past it, but then we see our error and what it has cost us.
Now each of these fears are valid in our world today, true. I ask you though, if you are right with God, should we fear them? Or should we trust that our Father, Creator, is all knowing, and has a plan for everything that happens in our every day. Even when we choose to pull away from God, because of a temporary blindness to His purpose and power. When we do reach that point of realization and come home, we are so very thankful again for the amazing gift of His love, in our every minute of every day. His capacity for forgiveness is beyond anything we could ever imagine. His sacrifice for us when we are so far from being worthy, is our greatest gift on this earth. What He ask from us in return, is so very small in comparison. We can’t help but have regret and shame when our eyes are opened and we can finally really see this. What truly an amazing gift we have been given. Doesn’t it make you want to just praise God and thank Him for allowing you to see this amazing opportunity we have? I can’t thank Him enough, and I look forward to when I can kneel at His feet in person with praise. So there is no fear of death or the unknown to me. I absolutely know that when I leave this place, I will be with my Lord in the place He prepared for me. At this point, it is my job to make sure my loved ones get their eyes opened, so they too will have this opportunity. Even if I step on their toes, or say something they might not want to hear. If it reaches them, so they can find God, or come back to Him, it is absolutely worth every bit of effort we exhaust. What could be more important?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress:




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