Jan 15th, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about Fear. The lesson is looking at half of a list today, and will reveal the bottom 5 things that women fear today. Have you ever really stopped and thought about what your greatest fears are? The scripture reference today is from Deut when Moses is close to dying and is handing the command over to Joshua to lead the Isrealites into this land of milk and honey that God has promised them. God had rescued them from slavery and on their trip to their new promised home, they endured many trials. Each came when they began to loosen their hold onto their faith and relationship with God, and start to follow a path of sin. When we read these passages we see a short period of time of constant sin, and then our God stepping in to save them. When they were thirsty, He gave them water from a rock. When they were hungry, He had food left for them each morning on the ground that they could eat. No matter what challenge began to defeat His chosen because of their lack of faith, God stepped in and saved them. They would shortly drift back into temptation and build idols to worship and again need God to save them from themselves and their actions. This was a period of waiting to cross over into the promised land for 40yrs and we see how many times they fell down and away from God. It is hard for us to see why, and easy for us to judge them, because we see they had word from God Himself and directions. They saw miracles performed to provide what they needed and yet they fell right back into that trap of looking to other sources for their needs and wants, when they had bore witness to Him providing for their every need.
Fear drove them to seek other sources for their needs. Now why they could doubt He would provide after having seen it so many times is beyond me. Yet fear drove them to seek out ways to get what they needed most. Have you given thought to what your greatest fears are? Each of us due to our life and circumstances would fear different things in varried degrees, however most of all women on this earth fear the same major points. Security for them and their loved ones. Will they have food, water and basic needs for their life. They fear being left alone and unable to take care of themselves. Many have a hard time truly believing they are forgiven for all their past sins before they committed to Christ. Was my action so horrid that He really can forgive me? Am I worthy of His forgiveness? Can I stay on the path to righteousness? Will I be able to resist the temptation to go back to what is easy and known to me, or can I resist the actions of those I thought of as my brothers and sisters. Can I do the right thing, resisting those whom I thought of as family? This is why it is easier at first to step away from the people you partnered with in sin, till you get a firm grip on your new life. You are not that person any more. Like Saul who committed sins toward Christians. Saul had to go away, and Paul was born, a new person, one determined to walk with God and do the right thing. Then Paul became able to be the incredible profit, He is known to us as. Do you need to step away from the sin that has been your every day life? Will it help you to come back a better person who is devoted to God’s work and God’s laws, above your own needs and wants. Even Christ who is the living Son of God, found it difficult to witness close to where He was raised. People may have trouble seeing you as something different than they are, if you are raised together or from the same place. However what matters is in your heart. Your true commitment to God and following His laws. Obeying Him even when it means a big sacrifice, and is far from what your earthly side craves. Putting God’s rules, commands, laws above our every desire. At that point our relationship with God is so in tune with your daily walk that you can’t begin to doubt His provision , so there is nothing to fear. He has told us He has a plan for each if us, to benefit us and we have seen He can be trusted. Every promise He ever made in the bible, He has followed through on. Never letting anyone down, ever, in all of mankind’s existance. That is a powerful statement there. The creator of our world has the power to forgive your every mistake, and who are we to doubt His power?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress:




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