Jan 13, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about sharing the Word with others. It truly is a very moving experience when you see someone really GET what Christ did for us. Most people who grew up in church, feel like those they encounter, believe as well. When school starts we slowly see that not everyone believes what we do. When it is all you have known in your life, you believe absolute with every thing in you. This is why so many wars are fought because people are willing to die to preserve what they believe to be true. Religion is the number one reason for disagreements. Even those who believe that Christ died for our sins, interpret different scriptures in different ways. Sadly, we can’t even agree upon scripture meaning. Then there are so many different versions of translations of the original scrolls the Word was written on. Thankfully the majority of the world does believe in God. They may call him by a different name and choose to worship Him in different ways, but most everyone has a belief of a higher power. I suppose they think something had to cause that big bang that some believe was what started the universe moving, and our planet to grow life. As a true believer it is hard to think of what so many are missing out on if they don’t understand our Father, and all He has done for us. The time He took to form our planet. Each plant that produces air for us to breathe, oceans that give us something to drink, as well as every other growing thing. Think about how each animal is different from another, and yes there different from what was originally created as time has gone by, the climate and conditions are different and so the animals have changed to reflect that. Vastly different species of animals from those who live in the ocean to those in the desert. What time must have gone into their planning. What they eat, leads them to have to be able to aquire that food. I’m not thinking my tiny fuzzy poodle could have possibly survived desert like, or frigid conditions. What had to go into the creation of each animal, each plant, I just can’t envision how anyone could think someone wasn’t behind creation. Mankind himself as a creature was created last as we were God’s greatest creation. He made us in His image and designed us with His very own hands. We were given a soul unlike the animals, because we were God’s chosen ruler over this earth that He created for us. He could have ruled our every step, but He let us choose our life. He gave us only a few laws to abide by, and everyone had knowledge of them, but so few choose to follow them. To exist on this earth and not have that knowledge is such a disservice. You couldn’t possibly be all that you have the potential of being, without that knowledge. God made us, each of us slightly different than the other, but each with a specific purpose in mind. Even though He gave mankind the ability to produce, and the knowledge to prevent a birth, every human, creature, plant, and drop of water on this earth is because He allowed it. He has a specific plan for each. He gave us the ability to make our own choices, and when He saw that we perverted His creation, He chose to give it a new fresh start. First He completely destroyed a city that was full of sinful behavior. When that didnt wake people up, and lead them back to what they knew to be correct, He flooded the entire planet. He kept the animals, and plants, and chose to save only one family of all that inhabited it. Of all the millions alive, Noah was the only man that was a true believer and follower of God’s word. How sad is it that only one man chose to follow God’s laws. Think of how sad and disgusted our Father is with His incredible creation. I can’t imagine not wanting to follow His rules, not craving his approval of every step I take. We have seen His power through the Word, and we have seen His vengeance when mankind has disobeyed. We each have to make the choice if we are going to do the right thing, or the easy thing, every day. There Will be a day coming shortly when we will each be held accountable for our choices, our actions. When the list of my many mistakes is read, the shame true on my face, hope lost, until Christ speaks up and says, “this one is mine”. Even though I have tried to lead a life in obedience, I constantly make mistakes. I am so truly thankful that God sent His Son down on this earth to live as an example to man. Proving a person can obey the laws while living on this earth. It can be done. He chose not to sin, He chose to do all the right things. Because He didn’t give in and take the easy way, but instead stayed true to the Father, we are given the opportunity to be forgiven. Only through excepting Christ as our Savior do we have the ability to enter Heaven. His lack of sin, yet reception of our punishment, paid the price for our sin and gives us this amazing opportunity. We could never earn it. What an amazing gift we are given because of Christ’s sacrifice. I look forward to worshiping at the foot of the thrones where our Father and His Son shall be seated in Heaven. I pray that you all will be there with me.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress;




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