Jan 12, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about what is really important. The scripture today from Matthew is where Martha had invited Christ and His disciples to her home. Her sister Mary was completely enthralled in Christ and was not helping Martha prepare for the large meal. So Martha ask Christ, don’t you care that I am doing all the work here, while my sister just sits on her tuckas listening to you talk. Christ told her that Mary was doing the right thing. Martha was stressing about meal preparations where Mary was learning the Word of God. That is the thing that really matters, more than an elaborate meal, or the presentation. Think what it must have been like to listen to Christ speak nearby and what an honor it must have felt like, to have Christ and the disciples come to her home to eat. I am sure she wanted to have a big meal and even break out the good China and Crystal of her time. Mary wanted everything perfect and was resentful that her sister Mary was just sitting there listening to Christ talk. Now we can look at this a few ways. The Word is more important than food, or getting to sit at the feet of Christ and learn is more important, even that a finely decorated table for a huge meal, is less important than learning what Christ was teaching. After all, it says that Martha had invited Christ, not Mary, so perhaps she hadn’t had an opportunity to learn about Christ yet. Since the two sisters lived together she assumed her sister would help her prepare for this large meal, but Mary was absorbing the Word into her heart, which we know is more important than food. That is until we are starving, then we can think of nothing else.
If you are like most women, the idea of having someone to dinner is an honor. So of course you want the meal to be perfect, and everything to look just right. You would naturally be running around from one thing to the next with preparation of the meal. Something else that is note worthy here, the cost to feed all these men would have been astronomical for two sisters living alone. That amount of food would have fed them for over a month. So this meal certainly held great meaning to Martha. Most of us can sympathize with Martha having been the one who is expected to put the meal on the table every night for whomever happens to be there at that time of day, with left overs for the others to grab when they get home from an exhausting day at work. Yet, most of us have been running since the moment we woke up and then we come home to cook, clean, and do laundry, while picking up any mess left out by others. We naturally have compassion for Martha, because we have most likely felt we were left alone to do all the work a few times. It is true that someone has to get all that work done, but it is more important that we give our Lord the time and attention He deserves to learn His word. A clean home, laundry, and food is needed on this earth, but what Christ has to offer goes beyond that and is forever more. That home will get messy hundreds more times. That family will get hungry and need to be fed a few times every day, all of their days. Salvation is the gift that gives forever. The opportunity to have eternity in Heaven. What you learn from one important message from Christ, can change every day, forever more, so it should be given great importance. Most certainly more than one meal in your home with guest. So let us give our salvation the importance it deserves. Let us always remember to give our Savior the importance and respect that He deserves, forever more. After all, nothing can really ever mean more, can it?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress





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