Jan 11, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about what a gift God gives us with our children. Absolutely the most amazing complex thing we have ever taken on. We see other children, hear stories about anything bad and think our child won’t do that. God laughs. I imagine He has to at our ignorance. If someone really wanted to know what children were like, I would say take the next 20yrs and plan ahead that you can do nothing you want to do, buy nothing you want, go no where because that child’s needs take precedence over everything. If you start thinking but I deserve this one night, think again. The sitter will back out, or worse show up but not really watch your child, and you worry the whole time because you know that your child could never mean so much to your sitter, that they would sacrifice for them. Every spare penny is spent on something they absolutely must have, or they will just die. Then when you think you have a handle on it, they need a car, have college dreams, or weddings and want their own home. You will never reach a time when you are done. If you begin to think it’s possible, grand kids will be coming and you can’t wait to buy them something. What we take away from this lesson is that we have no time, or money for ourselves, yet we absolutely feel like it is worth the sacrifice. We look back on the years when they swore they hated us, and they may have, but our love for them out weighed all the tough hours and tears. Our Father must feel the same. Broken hearted when we pull away, and yet still delighted every time we succeed at anything important to us. Constantly forgiving our mistakes with the number one being, us not aware of what He has given for us, and the sacrifices it took to do so. Could you give your only child up to die for everyone? I know that I love my children way to much to even think about that, and I have four. Yet His one and only Son, God had to watch suffer and die a miserable crucifixion on the cross, which was the ultimate punishment in that time. Christ had to take all of our sins upon His shoulders so that He could pay the price for them. I can only imagine the hardest part was when He had all that sin on Him, and that God couldn’t even look at Him. That is why Christ said “why have thou forsaken me”, just before He drew His last breath.
As parents we understand what it is like to love so completely another person. That there every need comes before your own. I can’t imagine letting my child suffer for a bunch of ungrateful people who continue to do wrong, even when they know it. They can’t honor the Father for a few minutes without thinking of their own needs and wants first. Of the majority of Christians who actually do go to church on a regular basis, how many of them actually sit through that message and focus on learning what their pastor is trying to remind them of in the bible? Why don’t we turn things around and instead of thinking what have you done for me lately, instead think about; what have we done for Him lately? Have we even tried to earn that forgiveness we have been given? What about the thousands of blessings in our every day life that we take completely for granted? What if you suddenly awoke in a strange land and didn’t understand the language, had nothing, or no one, and find yourself hungry? Would you then understand that anything you have is a gift. What about the stranger you happen to meet who takes you in. Gives you clothes to wear, food to eat, and a place to sleep? The job that you are given in order to earn for necessities is not something you did, it is a gift from God. As is the air we breathe, the forgiveness of our mighty sins, the selfish thoughts that run through our mind. We actually thought our kids were ungrateful for all we have given them, yet we are all truly ungrateful for all we have every day. We certainly could never earn what we have been freely given, but it is in our capacity to understand what a gift it is, and be thankful for it. Show others by our actions how thankful we are, how we truly see just how amazing He is.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress




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