Jan 1 2018, Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is talking to us about dawn. As the creatures slowly awake from a rest, the world begins to grow light outside and new things are revealed that weren’t visable before. As we grow in our relationship with God it is similar. As we learn more about Him, we can see many more levels of what has been around us all along. We see where God was working behind the scenes building something perfect, that would be exactly what we needed to catch us when we fall in 15minutes. We had no idea we were going to fall, or else we would have been more aware of our footing, but God has known and been preparing all along. In this same fashion, God knows every minute of our every day. He knows the number of hairs on our head. We couldn’t possibly know this about ourselves, which shows us how much more deeply the Lord knows our heart and mind. Similarly He knows every time we will do something that denies Him, or ignore what He has been trying to teach us, and the results of our mistake from pulling away from what we know to be right. Truly it is hard to think about sometimes, how we disregard His laws even though we know they are for our own good. We expect our children to respect our wishes because we feel like we know what will happen if they don’t, yet at the same time, we deliberately go against our Father’s Word and rules for His people. Many times we say, things are different now, or that doesn’t pertain to me. We know deep down that we are being selfish and just want what we want just like a 2yr old. When our eyes become aware of what was there all along, we have shame and regret over our mistakes. What a huge difference it will make in our lives, if we but train ourselves to pause and contemplate all the sides of our choices before we commit to them. Obviously that can’t happen with split second decisions, however if we make it our habit to think things through before acting, our brains start to go there first off. After a short time we will see without fail that God’s Word really does show us the right way in every situiation, even though our world is far different than His was.
We could truly save ourselves so much pain, if we just gave it to God first. I ask you to try this with me, pick a day this weekend when you might have a bit of time before making any decisions, and truly look to the Word to make all of them for you. Scripture back up for every decision you make. Even jot yourself down a note and the verse you used to help you make that decision. This is absolutely training your grown mind to go back to the basics, and not make any decisions on your own. Pull out that old WWJD bracelet and give it a whirl. I think the top thing we will all learn is that we don’t know enough scripture by heart and we need to spend more time getting to know it.
James called on his way home for work. Through our general how is your day going stuff, I was telling him about the extreme pain in my right elbow. It has steadily increased over the past few days until today when it has reached the point of me holding my phone still in my right hand and typing with my left thumb. I told him I’ll just have to give this one to God. He said, “Well that’s all we are supposed to do. Not all we can do, but all we need to do” See my first reaction is what can I do. Sadly I should have immediately thought, I am in unusual pain, I need to ask my Father to heal this. Direct my path to less pain. This is a journey that is going to take some retraining of the mind. I hope you will consider taking these steps with me so we can all become more aware of His direction.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me, please take a moment and enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress




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