Jan 9, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about criticism. It seems we have been on quite a stressed focus lately on building others up, and not finding faults. It is remarkably easy to see what others are doing wrong, and tell ourselves we could never do something that wrong, painful, misleading, silly, etc etc. We aren’t looking at why they chose that action, word, or deed, just the end effect. Of course hindsight is 20/20 however no one can see the 20/20 from all sides of an issue like the person who is living it. When I was younger I often just went to my close friends or family and would say, help me understand why this person did whatever I thought was wrong. I was given several reasons yes, but to be honest, I was just looking for a way to tell them how wrong I thought someone else’s actions were. Much like the well known habit of us southern girls to just bash someone to pieces and then add, bless her heart on the end. We use that phrase to clear our conscious, as if we were concerned about them, so we don’t feel so guilty. We might say they are uglier than a spotted puppy under a circus wagon wheel, bless their heart. Obviously it’s not their fault they are ugly, genetics. What was truly ugly, was my need to talk about something that anyone with eyes could see, but by pointing out their short comings, it somehow reinforces that we are not, that ugly. For Shame. God designed each of us differently, and there is someone for everyone on this earth. It isn’t my opinion that determines who is acceptable and who isn’t. Each of us have different taste for a reason, and God planned that as well. Just to add before I go on to another subject here, any potential mate that everyone finds attractive, is harder to hold on to, as they constantly have women offering themselves every day. Eventually most men will cave and take that step into sinful behavior. Why though??? Think about it, its not even necessarily their looks, be they good or bad. Thinner than you, or heavier, it is that they are fawning all over them building up their self esteem. They aren’t doing their laundry and ignoring their bad habits so to the stranger they are just what they see in that few minutes of contact. They see them as a beautiful trophy. Because of this, it is so much more difficult for extremely beautiful people to stay faithful. Of course when you are young, having a boyfriend or husband that everyone thinks is handsome, is the ultimate. Later in life, the more mature you is hopeful no one sees your mate as attractive but you, that is a good thing. You pray your mate will not be receiving offers constantly and be tempted to stray. You know how amazing they are and you are devoted to one another, that is the key. This is another one of those reasons that God says edify. If you are honestly complimenting your mate, and building up their self worth, they get those ego boost at home, therefore don’t look for them elsewhere.
It is always easy to find fault in another’s actions if we look, but only God knows what led a person to this behavior and or choice. The important thing to remember here is that we are not entitled to be their judge or jury. We are by far from perfect, and so have not earned a stone to be thrown. We all fall short of the glory of God. We all screw up, and sometimes it can be seen by others and sometimes it can’t. It doesn’t make it any less real to God, as He sees all. There is no hidden action from our Lord. God purposely reminds us several times in His Word that everyone falls short and that no one of us has the right to pass judgement on another. Think of the saints in Heaven looking down at your constant actions, and ask yourself how many times have you screwed up and they were saying, bless her heart? The more we pay attention to our mistakes and try to correct them, the more we become aware. Which leads us to stop and think the next time before making that same mistake again. We need to be aware and let our conscious tell us whoahhh there, but the only way that works is if we listen to our conscious and stop before we follow through on taking that step, that will one day, be something you are asking forgiveness for.
I must say that Proverbs has always been one of my favorite books in the bible. I love the little one line bits of wisdom we are given here. No elaborate story to teach you a lesson, just a sentence that says don’t do this. Plain truth right there, unable to be misunderstood, just facts. I have always thought of it like the older generation remembering the things they wish they had known back when, to prevent pain that they have endured, and to save you from going down that road to pain. So they are telling you quickly, flatly, and blunt, the facts and rules. A perfect example is, Keep your mouth shut and you will stay out of trouble Prob 21: 23. This is so true. Perhaps we need billboards across the country with different proverbs shown, so that everyone can benefit from this wisdom. One of those; if I won the lottery things, I laugh about cause I haven’t gotten a dollar try at lottery in over 20years. Hard to win, when you don’t have a horse in the race huh.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too blessed to Stress





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